The rule of four Christmas presents

The rule of four Christmas presents

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Not eight, not ten, not twelve. Four. Four is a perfect number. It is the number of gifts that experts recommend for children at Christmas.

I can imagine that it is an almost impossible goal. The whole family competes to make the child happy, and includes their wishes in his personal letter to the Magi. In the end, the children get together with the gift that their aunt ordered, the one their uncle ordered, the one their grandparents asked for, the one their other grandparents asked for ... the ones they wrote down ... And it turns out that they receive so many toys, that they are not able to spend more than one day in a row with one of them. The solution to avoid this stuffiness of toys: the rule of the four Christmas presents.

The rule of the four Christmas gifts is very simple. It consists of selecting only four things, always based on these four principles:

1. Something that can be carried (clothes, shoes, accessories ...).

2. Something to read.

3. Something they really want.

4. Something they really need.

Of course, it is about betting on quality over quantity, a real challenge when it comes to children. Because they, obviously, feel an unbridled desire to have everything, and if possible, now, at this very moment.

But ... do they really enjoy getting a flood of toys? Do they really value each gift? The answer is No. The more they receive, the emptier they feel, because they are not able to 'digest' such indulgence.

According to the latest studies, children they receive ten times more gifts at Christmas than they need. And doesn't it happen that despite having dozens of toys stored, in the end they always end up playing with them? Or maybe creating your own toys with cardboard boxes and cardboard that you find around the house?

The reason is that little by little, faced with so many toys, children lose their illusion. And before so much stimulus, apathy arrives. Imagine that a day comes when you ask him: What are you going to ask Santa Claus? And he will answer you: I don't know. Try to make sure that day never comes. Christmas, remember, is not just about giving toys. Children are able to see much more than we do at this party. Christmas carols, tents decorated with stars and tinsel, lights, family gatherings, Christmas sweets ... We just need to learn a little about them to enjoy another way during these days.

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