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Things that happen when your children grow up with their cousins

Things that happen when your children grow up with their cousins

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There is a lot of talk about a child's relationship with his siblings or with his friends, but we often forget the value that cousins ​​have in the learning and development of our children.

When a child grows up with his cousins, establishes a very special and deep friendship with them, so much so, that if the parents take care of feeding and fostering it, it will last for a lifetime.

Unfortunately I grew up without cousins ​​my age with whom to share adventures, confidences and adventures, however, I see with healthy envy in my children and in my friends what their cousins ​​mean to them. And it is that a cousin in many cases is worth more than a lot of friends.

1- The cousins, in addition to relatives, are friends, even though they are in the day to day and the encounters are sporadic.

2- They are part of the childhood memories, are installed in the memory and the heart and remain forever among us.

3- Games, adventures, antics or secrets shared with cousins ​​make that part of childhood unforgettable.

4- The children they learn numerous values ​​with their cousins: share, show solidarity, forgive ...

5- They also help the child to train in the art of negotiation and, above all, to resolve conflicts.

6- If parents help establish a bond between cousinsThey will have a relationship for life.

7- In family gatherings, they are the best companions and they prevent the child from being left in a corner while the adults speak.

8- It is very possible that they are the first best friends of our children and always stay in your thoughts.

9- Although children have several cousins, they usually establish a closer and trusting relationship with one of them, it may even be the one with the most fights, but the fights are directly proportional to the affection they feel for each other.

10- They share laughs, jokes, and thanks that no one else might understand, It is easy to see them dying of laughter at things that only they can understand.

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