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The reasons that lead a teenager to be rebellious

The reasons that lead a teenager to be rebellious

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Adolescence is a time when young people experience numerous physical and psychological changes, necessary for their growth. And there is no growth without crisis. This stage of changes influences the self-esteem of adolescents and this leads to changes in their behaviors. Thus, we can find apathetic, sad, or rebellious adolescents.

A troubled and rebellious teenager does not appear out of nowhere. There are many factors that can influence the appearance of rebellion in adolescence. How and why does rebellious behavior appear in adolescence?

Adolescents are not problematic because yes, their being rebellious and defiant is mainly due to the education they have received throughout their childhood. What can lead a teenager to be rebellious?

- Education in childhood
Due to the education that is given to the child from early childhood.

- Physical and emotional changes
The many physical and emotional changes you experience at this stage can cause you to be aggressive. In addition, to this is added the psychological instability that he goes through and that hinders his social relationships.

- Lack of emotional control
It should be taken into account that this period the adolescent experiences all the changes that he undergoes with great intensity. Any conflictive situation can cause a mixture of emotions that the young person still does not know how to handle.

- It is a time of searching for your own identity
The adolescent feels that he is no longer small and can make his own decisions. Thus, a distancing from the main attachment figure and an approach towards its peer group opens. This type of behavior is a way of testing the limits imposed throughout the training process.

- Perception and criticism of their environment
It is a stage where the young they can perceive injustices in the relationship within the family or even the absence of parents who do not spend all the time they want with them.

Our children prefer more time alone or with their friends than with their parents. They are even opposed to everything their parents say. In addition, they pass on responsibilities and, on the other hand, act without thinking about the consequences of their actions.

All these behaviors indicate that the child has become a rebellious adolescent and this behavior is completely normal, where lAdults must act with patience, authority and with a lot of left hand. The problem appears that when this rebellion exceeds normality and the parents do not know how to deal with it.

The communication and trust that parents give their children during their education will be key for the child to learn enough tools to cope with adolescence. For this, here we give you some guidelines:

- Invest time
If we want the relationship between children and parents to be more cooperative in adolescence, it will be important that time and energy be invested in the education of children from the time they are young.

- Appropriate standards and limits
The young person becomes a rebellious adolescent because the limits and the rules that are set are not consistent when they are not met and they have not been agreed upon, nor negotiated between both parties.

- The responsibilities
The relationship between parents and children must be balanced. By this we mean that young people should not be burdened with responsibilities that are not theirs. This will cause you to suffer due to pressure that is not yours. Everyone in the family must accept and carry out their role.

- Manage emotions
Children are often unable to manage their emotions and grow up suffering. Parents have to help and support children so that they learn to manage what they feel in order to avoid challenging behavior in adolescence.

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