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11 fun Christmas songs to dance with children

11 fun Christmas songs to dance with children

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The Christmas holidays are coming and the only entertainment for some children is to play with the mobile phone or lie on the sofa with the tablet. It's time to look for a more fun and healthy Christmas pastime! Gather your family in the living room, put the furniture aside and ... let's move your body! We propose you Christmas songs to dance with children more fun.

Besides having a good time with the family, Dancing has many benefits for your children. It is an excellent exercise to keep the hearts of the little ones healthy, but it also helps them improve coordination, balance, flexibility and musical and rhythmic hearing. Dancing is an ideal activity to create a bond with our son and build one of those memories that will last forever in his memory. What are you waiting for to have a family dance with these Christmas carols?

We have made a compilation with the Christmas songs with more rhythm. You will have a great time singing and dancing with them.

1. Arre Borriquito
This is one of the great classics at Christmas, especially in countries like Spain. It is a playful carol and a bit of a hooligan that tells of the arrival of some children in Bethlehem after committing some mischief. It has a fun rhythm and the lyrics are also very funny to children. However, what makes this Christmas song perfect for dancing is its choreography. Your children will have a great time trotting around the house like donkeys to the beat of the music.

2. Jingle Bell Rock
The rhythm of this Christmas song makes it one of the best songs to dance with the family. You can invent all kinds of dance steps that go well with the swing style of this popular American Christmas carol. And while you have fun dancing, you can practice English by singing it. Sooner or later, you can play to discover what the song is about. To do this, you have to translate the lyrics of this Christmas carol into Spanish.

3. Christmas, today is Christmas
To dance a carol with a lot of movement, put on Christmas, today is Christmas! From the beginning of the song your feet will begin to move to the rhythm of the notes. This Christmas carol is perfect for December 25 as the chorus reads "Christmas, Christmas, today is Christmas." You can dance the Spanish version or, if you prefer, the English version, that is, Jingle Bells.

4. At the stroke of midnight
This song may not be the liveliest, but you can also dance. You can all hold hands and dance much more calmly. After several Christmas carols skipping non-stop, you are sure to appreciate a little rest with a quieter Christmas song. This beautiful Christmas carol tells about the night the child was born and brought happiness to the world.

5. We wish you a Merry Christmas
We propose you another popular Christmas carol with a lot of rhythm. Surely your children know the lyrics from beginning to end, so you only have to prepare a fun choreography. It doesn't have to be very complicated, just moving your arms and legs is enough. You can practice it for a couple of days and give it to your grandparents, uncles and cousins ​​at Christmas Eve or New Years Eve. This would be an excellent memory exercise for your children who, in addition, will feel like protagonists when they receive the applause of their audience.

6. Rudolph, the red nose reindeer
In addition to being a fun and funky Christmas song, Rudolph the red nose reindeer tells a beautiful story that speaks of tolerance and respect. Rudolph is a reindeer with a very red nose, and everyone makes fun of him for it. However, Santa Claus makes his 'flaw' a virtue and relies on him to guide his sleigh around the world.

7. Walking around the Christmas Tree
This is a Christmas carol to be sung around the Christmas tree. You can go around a thousand times while moving your arms up and down, you can jump like kangaroos, you can squat ... Surely your children have heard this Christmas carol in English many times, but they may not yet know the lyrics. There is no better excuse for you to learn English!

8. Tutaina
Tutaina is a beautiful Colombian Christmas carol that talks about what happens in the Portal de Belén when the child is born. The shepherds will adore him, the Virgin Saint Joseph thank them for the visit, the Three Wise Men bring their presents ... It is a perfect Christmas carol to dance because, although it does not have a very fast rhythm, it is constant and fun. Also, you can invent your own choreography. You can propose that each one invent a step and, by putting them all together, you will have a fun dance.

9. My sabanero burrito
This Christmas song to dance to is the best excuse to introduce your children to different rhythms. The song of the boy who rushes to Bethlehem with his little donkey is one of the favorites of children because it has a lot of rhythm. Once again, you can jog around the house or even make some paper ears and imitate this animal. Your children will have a great time!

10. Gatatumba
This Christmas carol is to sing with tambourines, zambombas and other typical Christmas musical instruments. It is one of the favorite Christmas carols of children because its lyrics are incomprehensibly funny. Your kids will love to sing it faster and faster and turn it into a tongue twister.

11. Silent night
And to finish your Christmas dance session, we propose a carol a little calmer. You can sing it sitting on the ground in front of the tree or standing up while you swing from one side to the other. Silent Night is one of the best known songs in the world, so it is a theme that you can find in very different languages.

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