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How to Teach Kids Math While They Enjoy Christmas

How to Teach Kids Math While They Enjoy Christmas

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I don't know about you, but at home we look forward to Christmas. We are one of those who make the letter to the Three Kings in September, we buy things for the menu in October (then prices go up a lot) and we put up the Christmas tree in November (and we don't do it before because our room is very small) . For us it is a special period of the year and it is synonymous with family, fun and entertainment, but also since last year of learning and review. Did you know that you can teach children math while they enjoy Christmas?

It is true that the days before Christmas we are a little stressed at home, there are so many things to do! But with our best smile, we get to everything: wrapping gifts, shopping, decorating the tree ... All these activities are closely related to numbers, that is, to mathematics. And since at home we consider that any moment is good to learn and acquire new knowledge, we have transformed all those moments into a fun math class. Do you want to know how and follow our example? Aim!

- Reviewing geometry while wrapping gifts
In my group of friends, all with children, we have the Christmas tradition of extending this spirit a little longer than the Three Kings' night, and that is how we came up with an invisible friend with adults and children. If you also have this habit, I suggest that when you get down to work to wrap the gift, you try to build geometric shapes (triangles, squares or trapezoids) and thus review these concepts with your children. If you want to add more excitement, you can put a timer.

- Creating a logical sequence when decorating the tree
Bells, colored balls, stars, candles ... How many decorations do you put on the Christmas tree? And, the other question I want to ask you: do you follow an order or as it comes out? I suggest that this year, before placing the accessories, you create a logical sequence, like red ball + bell + green ball + candle and that you challenge your children to continue it until the pieces disappear from the box and onto the fir tree. there is nothing more space left.

- Practicing mental math while shopping
Let's face it, most of the purchases we make these days are paid by card. I tell you: leave your visa at home and bring cash so that your little one can 'take care' of the accounts. Thus, when you go to buy the nougats, he will give the money to the cashier and he will have to check if the turns are correct. If the activity motivates him, you can repeat it with the different things that you are acquiring these days.

- Show the quantities in the kitchen
Now it's time to get into the kitchen to prepare delicious food, but also to see how we walk with the issue of quantities, for example, we can ask our son: is a liter of water the same as a kilo of meat? If you have a scale, he can check it himself. Another proposal: to cut the chicken into pieces so that he learns that two kilos is equal to four half kilos.

- Create a mathematical advent calendar according to your age
Advent calendars offer us the opportunity to do a different activity each day. There are different themes: values, stories, plans ... I suggest that the elders of the house do one on mathematical challenges according to the age of the child. For that you just need to look at the notebook or book for this subject and choose different 'problems' for each day your child can take his desired chocolate bar.

Children fill a house with joy at Christmas. Their innocence makes them live this time of year with a special magic that many times we adults should be infected with. As they get older, you will notice that their curiosity increases and that they will begin to ask questions like what is Christmas? What is celebrated that day? Why is it always in december? To give answers to all these questions, from we want to give you a cable.

Christmas is one of the most important dates for the Christian community, since it celebrates the arrival in this world of the child Jesus, the son of God, and the word Christmas means birth. Although there are some theories that point to this birth in July or August, the Catholic Church set it on this day, while the Orthodox chose January 7.

It is a time where, leaving behind the exaggerated materialism and consumerism that increasingly suffocate us, We can teach children values ​​such as solidarity, gratitude, generosity ... For this, parents must lead by example, that is, they see us being humble or generous because, only in this way, we will get them to be too.

Christmas is also a time to give and receive a lot of love with our families, with whom we meet on the night of the 24th or at the meal of December 25, but also to do it with those who need it most. Maybe a friend, a co-worker, a neighbor, the person sitting next to us on the bus ...

At Christmas there are many traditions, which vary according to the different countries where it is celebrated, and depending on each house. I encourage you to tell your children about those routines that you have established in your home and that you have acquired from your parents so that they can make them their own and maintain them over the years.

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