Thanksgiving Day. What does it teach children

Thanksgiving Day. What does it teach children

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Today, many see it as the prelude to Black Friday. But the true meaning of Thanksgiving is another. In America this day it's almost more important than christmas day. And it is celebrated as such. Families prepare throughout the week, congratulate each other in advance and the streets this day are deserted. What's so special about Thanksgiving? Is it really that important? What does it really teach children?

On our site we believe that it is a good occasion to instill the value of gratitude in children. An opportunity to teach them the importance of thanking, to recognize what they have not only in material but also in the family.

Thanksgiving Day has been celebrated for more than 400 years. Its origin dates back to 1620, the date on which a group of immigrants arrived from Europe (specifically, from England) to the United States. The native Indians of Massachusetts helped them work the land and prosper. As a thank you, the European immigrants organized a dinner that lasted several days. That's where it all started.

Today, families revive this tradition, sharing a menu (which in 88% of cases is based on roast turkey) around a table. For those who celebrate it, it is like Christmas. Only what is celebrated in this case, is the importance of the value of gratitude. The family is thankful for having each other and for being able to continue sharing that day year after year.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the mother of them all' (Marco Julio Cicero). Gratitude consists of the ability to know how to give thanks for all that we have (material and immaterial). Giving thanks is expressing the feeling of gratitude. We should do it daily. Lack of gratitude, in fact, often triggers a feeling of 'discontent' or unhappiness, in yourself and in others. Also, on Thanksgiving, it is a great teaching for children. Among other things, it teaches them:

1. The united family is stronger
Even if it's just that day, the family share a meal together. The family is a basic pillar and the union strengthens it.

2. Gratitude is an essential value
A value that helps the child to be generous and to appreciate 'immaterial gifts'.

3. The simplest things really have the most value
And they are usually those that we receive daily. A kiss, a hug or a few words of praise.

4. The value of patience
Thanks to Black Friday, although many see it as a 'de-virtualization' of Thanksgiving Day, children are encouraged to be patient and wait for a specific day. The goal: save.

5. Eating all together has its advantages
The rest of the days, the work, the rush, the school ... It is difficult to coincide for a meal. But that Day everyone pauses in their monotonous lives and dedicates their time to those who really deserve it.

6. Gratitude goes hand in hand with other values
Gratitude is as or more important a value than humility, generosity and empathy.

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