How to spend less paper when wrapping children's Christmas gifts

How to spend less paper when wrapping children's Christmas gifts

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The Christmas holidays are approaching and it is inevitable to think about the gifts that Santa Claus and his Majesties the Three Wise Men leave under the tree, or that gift that Grandma has prepared and that she gives us with great affection when we visit her. Of course, with so much gift we spend a lot on wrapping paper and that's when we ask ourselves, Can you spend less paper when wrapping children's Christmas gifts? Of course! Follow the tips and tricks that we share with you here, you will be able to spend less paper and at the same time prepare a personal and unique gift.

What have your children asked for Christmas? Although there are still many days to go, I am sure you already have it in mind. Christmas is a time to spend as a family, enjoy magic and also learn a value. This time we are going to focus on the importance of caring for the environment with small and simple gestures such as spending less paper when wrapping the gifts we prepare at Christmas.

If your children are going to give a gift, as for example in the classic game of invisible friend, take the opportunity to explain that, as they already know, the paper comes out of the trees and that it is necessary to try as far as possible not to overspend . Tell them there are several ways to wrapping gifts saving paper and that they are also super original.

Here are some ingenious ideas that are not only useful to give you back a little bit of what nature gives us, but are also good for your pocket. And it is that, although it does not cost too much money, if you can save something this Christmas, all the better.

The little tricks that we show you here are perfect for get more out of wrapping paper. They are minimal gestures that help the environment a lot and especially to make us aware at home that we can make big changes if we put our mind to it. If this year you want to wrap Christmas presents using less paper ...

1. Use the leftover wrapping paper from the other time
Surely not long ago you have been given a gift and the packaging has been like new. Well, it is that same paper that you can now use to prepare the new packages. And if not, you already know the trick for the next time you open presents at home: you have to unwrap them by breaking the paper as little as possible!

2. Use the right amount of paper that you really need
When wrapping, for example a toy, we have to measure well the amount of paper we need. This way we will avoid wasting paper that we can really use for another occasion. There are other times that we use a good piece of paper and then we have to cut from the sides because it is too much. If this happens to you too, don't throw away those pieces of wrapping, you can use them to wrap a small object.

3. Recycle other papers and use them
A colorful newspaper, a nice piece of wrapping paper, the clutch bag that contained the last sweater you bought ... I'm sure now that you think about it, you can think of a lot of things to recycle paper and turn it into gift wrap. Let's do it!

Wait, we've come up with two more suitable tips for gift wrapping without even using gift wrap.

4. Make your gift even more fun
Take a few pages that you have at home and that are only used on one side, wrap the gift so that the blank side is visible. Next, write an alphabet soup on the wrapping paper. Whoever is to receive the gift will have to discover all the words to be able to open it. How exiting!

5. Use materials that aren't even paper
Is your gift small in size? Then use the cardboard from a roll of kitchen or toilet paper and create a nice package with it. You just have to insert the gift inside the cardboard circle, fold the corners and fasten with a little adhesive tape. Now there is the most fun, decorating the wrapper! You can make a drawing with colored crayons, glue a red bow, write some words of affection ...

And you? Which of these wrapping tricks using less wrapping paper are you going to start with?

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