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Homemade Christmas decorations, cheap and that can be made with children

Have you already filled the house with Christmas ornaments? It is important to convey to children from early childhood the value, feeling and meaning of this period of time (beyond gifts). It is time to be with the family, enjoy ours without rushing, without schedules, playing non-stop and laughing until you can't anymore. And a good way to enjoy all together is by making Christmas crafts.

That is why I bring you this simple activity to do with boys and girls from 2 years old, ideal both to spend a pleasant time with the family and to develop and promote their artistic skills. Don't stop making these cheap, homemade Christmas decorations! and that will provide you with a great family time!


  • Colored wooden sticks
  • Pompons
  • Mobile eyes
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors and rope
  • Paints
  • Ear buds
  • Eva rubber and other decorative materials

Following these simple steps we can carry out our ornaments.

- Funniest reindeer ornament
We need 3 orange wooden sticks or some of a natural color, we paint them brown. With them we make the head and the horns as seen in the image. We glue 2 mobile eyes and a red pompom as a nose.

- Snowflake ornament
With the help of 4 blue sticks we form a snowflake. It is as simple as joining their centers and forming a star. Next, we glue a white pompom at each end. A little cotton could also be used.

- Christmas gift ornament
We need 4 red sticks with which we will form a square. Next, we add 2 more green sticks to make a bow.

- Christmas star ornament
With 5 yellow sticks we form a 5-pointed star. Although it seems complicated, you just have to look closely at the image to interlace the sticks as we have done. It is easier than it seems to be!

We have decorated it with colored pompoms, but you can also use glitter or any other decorative material you want.

- Christmas fir ornament
With 3 green sticks we form a triangle. Now, we add as the trunk of the tree a cut piece of stick to make the trunk. Ideally, use a depressant (the kind used by pediatricians) to make it thicker. Finally, we decorate with colored pompoms.

- The missing detail ...
As you may have noticed, each one of them is made in the same way, the clubs, pompoms and other material are glued with the help of the silicone gun.

But all of them lack a small detail: the hitch! Thanks to this we can put it on the Christmas tree or anywhere else we want to decorate. It is done with a piece of rope, which is bent to join its ends and is also glued with the silicone gun on the back of each of the ornaments.

Like any activity we do with children, it has some benefits. Let's see some of them:

1. It is an activity that enhances the imagination of children
This activity brings various benefits to boys and girls, they develop and enhance their capacity for imagination, creativity, through thought and reflection. They are able to carry out shapes, figures, mixtures of colors that they had in their head, and once they see that they have carried it out, pride and happiness is maximum for them.

2. Children learn to work with different materials
To this is added that they learn to work with different materials and their characteristics, such as: you have to be careful and use the silicone gun with an adult, since it burns or we can stick pompoms to the wood.

3. Provide fun and family time
One of the most important benefits of the activity is the time that children share with adults when carrying it out. We live in times in which it is often difficult to dedicate the time they really need and deserve, but thanks to this activity we will achieve it. The boys and girls will feel part of the process of decorating the Christmas theme, in this way we encourage taste and participation in this celebration.

4. We decorate the house for Christmas, and we are filled with the Christmas spirit!
When family and friends go home surely your sons and daughters will proudly show them the decorations they have made and with which they have adorned the Christmas tree, and not only the tree since we can also use them to decorate the doorknobs.

Sharing time with children, giving them autonomy in activities, adults being simply conductors of them, is a priceless gift that we can give them.

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