8 short Christmas dictations for kids to review on vacation

8 short Christmas dictations for kids to review on vacation

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Teachers and pedagogues advise elementary school children to do at least one dictation a day at home or at school. There are many benefits that this review task provides: they learn to write fluently, they deepen the correct use of grammar and spelling rules, and they improve memory and concentration. Of course, the texts that we prepare to dictate have to be original to capture their attention. This time we have prepared a few short Christmas dictations for children.

You can do them at home or in the classroom as the Christmas period approaches. But they are also ideal for the children to review on vacation what they have learned in the past months. They are sure to become the favorites of your students or your children!

Christmas is a time full of magic in which we remember the importance of spending time with our loved ones. A message that we must transmit to the little ones and thus avoid focusing only on the material aspect of the gifts brought by the Magi or Santa Claus. How about teaching them the value of Christmas through some enjoyable dictations? Let's see them!

These short texts are intended to work and reinforce the spelling standards seen in school. You can do a dictation every day and ask your students or children to be illustrated from the back as a complementary exercise.

1. Christmas is a time when people are always happy, city streets are filled with lights and store windows overflow with toys. What I like most about Christmas is being able to spend time with my family. On Christmas Eve we have dinner at my grandparents 'house and on Christmas day we go together to have bread and milk at my uncles' house for breakfast. I wish it was always Christmas!

2. The Christmas holidays are the most of the most. There is school vacation, I can get up late and my father cooks his pumpkin pie, it's delicious! Also, on Christmas holidays I can read all the books I want, even the ones when I grow up!

3. - 'Christmas' is capitalized - the teacher told his students.

- How do you write 'Christmas'? - asked Marta, who was very curious about it.

- Very good question, Marta. 'Christmas' is written in lowercase, unless it is at the beginning of a sentence.

Just at that moment, the bell rang to indicate that it was time to go play at recess.

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4. Like every year, the lion, the tiger and the duck prepared their dinner to celebrate the New Year. The duck cooked baked vegetables, the lion made a rich blueberry sauce, and the tiger set the table and folded the napkins into a swan shape. And it is that our animal friends did not like to welcome the new year with music and confetti, they preferred to spend time at home cooking and talking about their things. Next year I will also attend the party!

Let's see now two famous poems that deal with Christmas, you can dictate them in full or divide them into two parts if you see that they are very long. These exercises are ideal for working on the use of verse.

5. 'The Three Wise Men', by Rubén Darío

- I'm Gaspar. Here I bring the incense.

I come to say: Life is pure and beautiful.

God exists. Love is immense.

I know everything from the divine Star!

God exists. He is the light of the day.

The white flower has its feet in mud.

And in pleasure there is melancholy!

- I am Baltasar. I bring the gold. I assure

that God exists. He is big and strong.

I know everything from the pure star

That shines on the diadem of Death.

- Gaspar, Melchor and Baltasar, shut up.

Love triumphs, and his party invites you.

Christ rises, makes the light of chaos

and has the crown of Life!

6. 'The little camel', by Gloria Fuertes

with a road thistle

and the mechanic Melchor

gave him wine.

Baltasar went to refuel

beyond the fifth pine ...

and the great Melchior worried

he consulted his "Longinus".

- We did not arrive,

we did not arrive,

and the Holy Childbirth has come!

- It's three minutes past twelve

and three kings have been lost.

The limping camel

more half dead than alive

its plush creeps

among the trunks of olive trees.

What would Christmas be without the usual Christmas carols? We propose two but any other that you can think of will be perfect for the children to do a dictation. Remember that once they have finished you must correct it with them in front of them to clarify all their doubts.

7. 'The shepherds' (traditional folk carol)

They run fast

They have been running for so long

Broken shoes

There is there

How happy they are

There is there

If they will return

With the pan pan pan

With that of of of

With the bread with the

With the bread with the

With the tambourine

And the castanets

8. 'White Christmas', (traditional popular Christmas carol)

That everything is white around

White good night

My messenger of peace and good love

Oh white Christmas it snows

A white dream and a sing

Nostalgia returns home

When the white Christmas arrives

White good night

My messenger of peace and good love

Video dictations to work at Christmas

To continue improving in reading and writing you can alternate one of the dictation exercises that we have just seen with one in which the students have to write a few lines in which they explain what Christmas is for them, to Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and what they do with their families to celebrate it.

Thematic dictations are one of our favorites!

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