14 short dictations for children about Halloween. In Spanish and English

14 short dictations for children about Halloween. In Spanish and English

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Thematic dictations are a favorite of boys and girls, even more so if you choose a theme as fun as Halloween. No wonder, with this type of exercise, students give free rein to their imagination, while improving calligraphy and gaining fluency in writing. Without forgetting, of course, the importance of them doing a dictation exercise in English from time to time so that they can deepen their grammar. Short dictations for children about Halloween, in Spanish and English!, that we have prepared are so original that children will want to do them again and again.

First of all we will see some short dictations of two or three lines with specific Halloween vocabulary and then we will see some longer texts. Invite your students to draw a picture of what they have understood. You will see such ghostly beautiful works of art!

1. The pumpkin, the skeleton (with his skull in his hand) and the ghost are heading to a funniest party.

2. On Halloween we eat roasted pumpkin, dress up as witches, and go trick-or-treating.

3. The mummy gave the devil a good scare, meanwhile, the zombie did not take his eyes off what happened. And this is to paint your face and wear strange clothes is very funny.

4. Fear, fright, terror and scream are nouns that are heard a lot the night before All Saints' Day.

Once we have quickly seen the most common vocabulary from the October 31 party, we can move on to doing some longer dictation exercises. The ones that we propose here have been invented (with a lot of love) by ourselves. Remember that you can also take a fragment of a scary book.

To do the dictations correctly, do a first reading slowly so that the children can write everything they hear, and a second reading a little lighter that will serve as a review in case they have missed something to write down. Once the dictation is finished, touch correct, points out in red the things to improve, in green everything that they have done well (it will serve as motivation) and clarifies any doubts they may have.

5. - What are you going to dress up as tonight? Matías asked his friend Carolina.

- Well, almighty wizard. - She answered, - And you? What are you going to dress up as this Halloween?

"Well, last year my sister was a witch and, as I loved her costume, this time I'm going to use it," said Matías with a voice full of illusion.

"What a good idea!" Carolina commented.

Shortly after, the two friends said goodbye and arranged to meet that same night to celebrate Halloween, how exciting!

6. Once upon a time, there was a very distant forest in which a very good witch lived. One day, tired of being alone in that big forest, she decided to go to a party. Of course, before he had to go to the city to buy a new hat, his was already worn and torn. So, the witch Maruja put on her boots, grabbed her bag and went to the city, but since the inhabitants were not used to seeing a witch roaming the shops, they fled in terror.

- Wow! -the witch Maruja thought, - and I was going to make them a gift.

Maruja bought her hat in a hurry and returned home. Do you know what his gift would be? He was going to turn the stones into chocolate!

7. Recipe for a magic potion: pour half a liter of water into a cauldron, three cat's eyes, two crow's feet, a good handful of lion snot, a pinch of tarantula hair, a few frog feet, a few drops of unicorn blood and a few red fish scales. Stir well, give three strokes with the magic wand and say out loud: let's see who is the brave one who dares to try this rare concoction! Ready, the magic potion is ready to be used, yes, it only shows its power on Halloween night.

Dictations in English are perfect for boys and girls to learn little by little to write in this language; As they find it somewhat complicated at first, read slowly, pronounce clearly and repeat up to a third time if you see that it is necessary. As you will see below, we propose some very simple texts that contain some of the most basic words about Halloween.

Once the children have finished writing, reread the text in a normal way so that they get used to the sounds. Which of these Halloween English dictations are you going to start with?

8. My friend Luis loves ghosts and pumpkins. He likes Halloween! Do you like Halloween?

9. Today I will not go to play football, because I have a Halloween party. Do you want to eat?

10. My dog ​​is afraid, but the witch is not real!

11. Frankenstein is a funny monster, but I prefer vampires. They have white face, black hair and fabulous teeth.

12. Today is Halloween. I'm very happy because I want to go to the house of my friend. There will be a big party with bats and spiders.

13. In the park next to my house, there is a big tree. We are going to decorate it with spiderwebs to celebrate Halloween.

14. Happy Halloween to everyone! Have fun! Enjoy!

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