22 original Greek names for boys and girls of 2020

22 original Greek names for boys and girls of 2020

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There are parents passionate about classical culture who are very clear that they like greek names for children. To give you some ideas, below we have put together a list of names for boys and girls of 2020 with different ideas of Greek origin. Each of them has been accompanied by its meaning, in case this information helps you make a decision.

An important fact to take into account when choosing a foreign name is to take care that it is not too complicated for the place where you live, that it is easy to write and that its pronunciation is simple. In this way you will avoid that your children have bad times in the future and also will not clash with the rest of their peers.

If you or your partner are attracted to Greek history, culture or mythology and would love for your son or daughter to carry a piece of this with them. So, don't take off! Take a look at these cool names of Greek origin that will be trending this year.

1. Adara
In its Greek origin it means 'The one who bears beauty' and it was a way of naming women who possessed grace, beauty and great sensitivity.

2. Aria
Surely you have heard this name before and it is that as a result of the television series Game of Thrones (Games of Thrones) it has become very fashionable. But, did you know that its origin is Greek? It means 'Harmony or melody' and was a benchmark for creativity, art and music.

3. Clarissa
Among the beautiful Greek names we find this one, which means 'Moonlight' and is related to the light that the stars project. Without a doubt, a beautiful name for girls who are born in 2020.

4. Chloe
It is a very classic name in many parts of the world, especially in English-speaking countries. But its origin is Greek, it means 'Fertile Maiden', which was considered a title of honor.

5. Effie
This short and blunt girl name means 'Beautiful face'. But do not be fooled, with evolution it was found that women with this name are more than just a pretty face.

6. Gemina
Its meaning is 'Double' and it is a reference to the zodiac sign Gemini. Ideal, if your little girl is born in late May or early June, don't you think?

7. Hester
This name is an allusion to dreaming women, since its meaning is 'Star'. You may have also seen this name spelled as Esther or Esther.

8. Iria
It has a mystical and at the same time magical character, since it is inspired by the Greek Goddess Iris. There are parents who like to combine Iria with a compound name like María Iria.

9. Layna
It means 'She who bears the truth', although this Greek name is also related to 'Light'. Therefore, we can say that it will be a girl who will carry wisdom.

10. Meagan
It is a variant of Megan or Meghan in English, which in its Greek origin means 'The one who has strength and courage' referring to feminine tenacity.

11. Penelope
Related to the mythological figure of the wife of Ulysses (do you remember the book of the Odyssey?) Its meaning is 'Weaver' and it was a reference to those who made fabrics or brought fabrics. If you like long names for girls, this will be an option that you will love.

Next we talk about the names for boys. All that you can read below are Greek names that are going to be heard in 2020.

12. Elián
It comes from the name of the Greek sun God 'Helios', so its meaning is 'He who possesses light or radiance'.

13. Bastian
A very common name in the UK and France, but its actual origin is Greek and comes from 'Sebastos' and means 'One who is respected and revered'. Does this attractive name appeal to you?

14. Dorian
Would you like to name your baby after Dorian Gray? This is a masculine proper name and means 'Descendant of Dorus' who is said to have been, in Greek mythology, the creator of the Dorian Nation.

15. Demian or Damien
Both come from 'Damianos' whose meaning is 'The tamer', linked to dominant men. A curious fact is that the power and masculinity of this name has been maintained throughout history.

16. Darius
It comes from the classical Greek 'Dareîos' and does not have a clear meaning, but in one of its variants (Persian) it is 'He who brings good'.

17. Darien
This name means 'Gift' and has two variants: Darian and Darion. It is a great option for those parents who have waited for so long the gift of being parents.

18. Ares
This, without a doubt, is a name of the mighty one in honor of the Greek God of war. Although its etymology is unknown, so there is no specific meaning, it is related to 'Destroy'. However, it has been a persistent male name choice throughout history.

19. Athan
It is a proper diminutive of the name 'Athanasios' whose meaning is 'The immortal' or 'The one who possesses eternal life'. Without a doubt one of the most original name options of all.

20. Klaus
This is a proper diminutive of the name 'Nikoalos' which means 'The victory of the people'. It is one of the most popular Greek names for men and a good alternative as a variant of Nicholas.

21. Leonidas
A powerful and proper masculine name, it means 'One capable of fighting like a lion' and is known to be the name of the Spartan King Lónidas I. There are parents who prefer to use the short form of Leo, so fashionable at this time.

22. Leandro
Speaking of lions, this masculine proper name means 'The Lion Man' and is also a heroic character from Greek mythology. Ideal if your little one is born under the sign of leo.

Have you already decided what will be the Greek-inspired name for your baby who will be born in 2020?

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