21 original English names for boys and girls born in 2020

21 original English names for boys and girls born in 2020

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The good news has just come home, you are expecting a baby! It is then that that special little person begins to grow within you that you begin to call with all the affectionate nicknames that cross your mind. It is there that you say to yourself, 'I will have to find a name for him'. Of course it is, so you can decide in time. How about the idea of ​​your baby having an English name? Take a look at the list we have prepared with English names for boys and girls of 2020, they will seem at least super original.

What name are you going to give your baby? Surely now that you have told your loved ones that you are going to be one of the family members, this is the question they ask you every two times. And it is that choosing the name of the creature is something of the most exciting. Let's see a few ideas of English names for boys, finding your favorite will be easier than ever!

1. Randall
The English name for boys Randall comes from Randolph and is closely related to the well-known shield. If we translate it into Spanish, it is Ricardo, which means 'powerful because of his wealth'.

2. Ellis
This very special name can be written with a single or double 'l'. It is very fashionable in England, why not make it fashionable in other regions as well? Some experts claim that it means something like 'my God is my Lord'.

3. Robert
This English name has German roots, what are you curious about? There are many celebrities who have carried it throughout history, such as Robert Capa or Robert Redford. Its meaning is 'the one who shines for his fame'.

4. Conall
This cool name means 'strong man'. If you put it on your son without a doubt he will be able to achieve everything he sets out to do.

5. Matthew
Matthew is also a name that has become very popular due to actors such as actor Matthew Mcconaughey. Some even consider it the name of luck. By translating this name we come to Mateo, one of the most fashionable names at the moment.

6. Orson
An English name for boys that comes to say something like 'loyal as a bear'. This is undoubtedly a nickname for men full of energy and vitality.

7. Stephen
It is an English name with a Greek root. Surely when we say Stephen the famous writer Stephen King comes to mind. Translated, this name is Esteban.

8. Angus
Did you know that there are experts who say that those who carry this English nickname for children will enjoy a unique, strong and most special personality? It is a name that transmits a lot of power and that means 'vigor'.

9. Alan
Alan is another English name that will undoubtedly be heard a lot in 2020, its most widespread meaning is 'noble, faithful and honorable man'. We love!

10. Scott
As his name suggests, Scott has a Scottish origin. It corresponds to nothing less than one of the most popular Scottish nicknames during the 12th century.

Some of these names have a long tradition in many regions of England, others of them, however, have become fashionable thanks to singers and actresses. You decide which of them you stay with!

11. Scarlett
Without going any further, Scarlett is a proper name for girls that could well be said that it fulfills the two characteristics of which we have just spoken. It refers to the scarlet red color and also to the well-known actress Scarlett Alice Johnson.

12. Rachel
It is an elegant name where there are some variants such as Racha, Rachela or Ruchel. As you may have imagined, this name in Spanish is Raquel, of Hebrew origin it means 'lamb' or 'sheep'.

13. Maya
We can well say that this beautiful name is one of the most widespread as it is a Mexican and English nickname that, however, has a Greek etymology. Did you know that in Rome she was considered the protective goddess of the month of May?

14. Summer
English name for girls that, as you already know, in its translation into Spanish means 'summer'. Without a doubt, an original name for 2020 that young and old will like.

15. Chloe
It is an English name for girls that has gained a lot of strength from now on. It means 'green grass that sprouts' and its variant in Spanish does not have 'h': Chloe or Chloé.

16. Emily
What do you remember most of an English movie in which the main character is named Emily? Or a series, a television program ... It is a nickname that sounds super sweet and that nowadays no longer only belongs to England. In its translation into Spanish it would be Emilia, which means 'who works with effort'.

17. Astrid
This English name comes to say something like 'divine woman, beautiful and full of grace'. Not for less, in ancient times this nickname was related to royalty and culture.

18. Isabella
They say of those who bear this name that they are sincere, strong-hearted and exude personality. In Spanish, this name is Isabel, which means 'God has sworn'.

19. Mila
Very popular female name for girls in many regions of the UK. In Spain Mila is the diminutive of Milagros.

20. Tracy
Very widespread name in England. In the past it referred to people who came from Tracy-Bocage, located in French Normandy.

21. Bonnie
And to finish with the list of English names for girls in 2020 we have this nickname that sounds so beautiful. Bonnie comes to mean something like 'smiling young woman and very happy'.

Which of these English names for boys and girls of 2020 top the list of your favorites?

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