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The harassment of Marita. Story to talk about bullying with children

Bullying is one of the most difficult problems that children, parents and teachers have to deal with in the classroom. One of the keys to ending it is through education. And it's never too early to start talking about bullying with children. To do it in a more entertaining and attractive way, we suggest the short story 'El acoso de Marita'. In addition to the story, we propose activities and reading comprehension questions about the story.

Marita was a girl with long red hair, chubby, very cheerful, playful, smiling and very happy.

One day his father told him that for work reasons they should move to another city, and from that moment, Marita's life changed.

On the first day of school, he already realized that nothing was going to be the same.

Julieta was the leader of the group: intelligent, abusive, violent, with a lot of mischief and without any empathy. Everything she did or said was good for the others, who followed her and laughed at all her misdeeds.

- Hey you! - Julieta yelled at her, seeing her in line to enter the classroom.

It seemed to Marita that this tone of voice did not indicate anything good, and she ignored her class. When she went to sit down, Julieta spoke to her whispering threateningly behind her, taking care that the teacher did not hear her.

Where are you going fat? This is my site!

Marita, without turning to look at her, went to sit at one of the desks in the last row.

When she got home she didn't say anything despite being very upset.

The next morning, Marita ate breakfast nervously, wishing those girls had forgotten about her, but as soon as they saw her arrive, as she got in line to get into class, the attacks began again.

- Gordaaaaa, fataaaa! - They sang to him, in front of everyone.

Marita looked away and walked into class. The morning passed quietly until the time of departure.

When she came out the girls were waiting for her at the door. Marita continued on her way without looking at them, but one of them tripped her, making her roll down the stairs.

- Hahahahahahaha! Sorry, it was accidentally! - He heard him say sarcastically.

He was getting up from the ground when the teacher arrived, who had not seen anything.

- What happened to you Marita? Have you hurt yourself? - She said worried.

- I just slipped - said the girl hiding the truth from the threatening gaze of the others.

Other children in the class saw what was happening, but for fear of being the object of their attacks, they kept silent.

The days passed and Marita became increasingly bitter, she could not sleep and did not know how to resolve this situation.

- How about at Marita school? - His parents asked him every day.

- All right! - He answered briefly, for fear that his complaints would reach the school, and therefore Julieta's ears, and left the room so that they would not see her tears.

Marita dropped her grades, she didn't eat well, she was very sad and she became very reserved.

Parents were concerned about his change in attitudeBut they thought he was having a hard time adjusting to the new city, the new house and the new school, and they decided to be patient and be more vigilant. They thought the same at school.

Meanwhile, Julieta and her followers continued with the harassment without giving her respite. It was like that throughout the course; tormented.

Shortly before the course ended, her father was offered a new engineering position in another city, and Marita saw the open sky. Although I was very afraid that history would repeat itself, it did not, and she was the happy girl again it had always been with his new friends.

Only far from there, he was able to tell his parents about the nightmare he had lived through.

First of all, before continuing with other activities, we are going to propose some questions with which you will discover if your child has understood the story and if he was paying attention.

- What important change was there in Marita's life?

- How were you received at your new school?

- Did the rest of the classmates help the protagonist of the story?

- How did the problem end for Marita?

Ask your child these questions in a relaxed way, so he doesn't feel like you're giving him a test. And if you doubt any of the answers, do not hesitate to re-read the story to better understand the story.

This story offers us the opportunity to introduce the topic of bullying in the classrooms to our son. That is why below we propose some activities that you can propose once you have read the story.

1. The game of 'so what would you have done?
With this simple game, which involves simply asking the child 'What would he have done?', We will know what his current position is in relation to bullying. We can ask him to think about how he would have reacted if he had been the victim of the bullying, but also if he was a classmate of Marita or even if he was the aggressor. In this way, we foster empathy and help you understand how you should act in case you ever witness a case of bullying in your classroom.

2. Talk with the child about some essential values
Education in values ​​is one of the most effective ways to end bullying. If from an early age we talk to children about empathy, generosity, altruism and other values, we will get them to denounce the injustices they see around them. For this, we can use games, but also stories, poetry, movies, etc.

3. More stories and resources about bullying

- Sara took it. Story that tells the story of a girl who was born lame. Because of her difference, the children in her class made fun of her. However, they learned that you cannot humiliate a person for any reason.

- The class snitch. This story is put on another side of the harassment, that of the children who are witnesses to the attacks. By reading it, you will be able to talk to your child about the importance of reporting the facts to teachers and parents to help a child who is having a hard time.

- The bully cat. This is the script of a children's play that you can perform with the children in class or at home and that shows them why the fight against bullying belongs to everyone.

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