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The growth of the belly during pregnancy, month by month

The growth of the belly during pregnancy, month by month

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During the nine months of gestation, a woman's body will undergo some important changes. Your body will go through some anatomical, chemical and physiological transformations, which will favor the growth of your baby. One of these changes occurs in the belly of the future mother.

From the second trimester, the baby begins to grow month by month and this will be noticeable in the dimensions of his mother's belly. She will already have to adapt her clothes as well as her habits of walking, sitting, etc., to the new volume of her belly.

First month of pregnancy

There are no changes in the abdomen of the pregnant woman, the uterine size resembles a tennis ball. Although you may notice some physical changes, such as enlarged breasts, heavier digestions or heartburn. The embryo is shaped like a tiny tadpole and is smaller than a grain of rice.

Second month of pregnancy

The pregnant woman can already notice her slightly rounded abdomen and that the clothes tighten a little at her waist. The size of the uterus will be the size of a bunch of grapes. The embryo is about 2.5 cm long. The placenta develops rapidly.

Third month of pregnancy

The uterus is slightly larger than a bunch of grapes and can be felt above the pubic bone. The embryo is 6 to 7.5 cm long. And it weighs about 40 grams. It is about the size of an orange. Your heartbeat can be heard with a Doppler ultrasound.

4th month of pregnancy

The woman will already be able to palpate the uterine fundus 4 cm. below navel. The uterus is the size of a small melon. The fetus is about 12 to 13 cm. and weighs 150 grams. The body grows faster than the head. The sexual organs are already defined and he knows how to suck his thumb. The placenta is working at full capacity.

Fifth month of pregnancy

The pregnant woman is in the middle of the pregnancy and the uterine fundus reaches the navel line. The waist widens and the pregnancy is clearly noticeable. The fetus measures 17 to 23 cm. and weighs almost 400 grams, the muscles are strengthened, the nervous network develops and the bones are hardened. The baby's movements begin to be perceived by the mother.

6th month of pregnancy

The uterus is already about 4 cm. above the navel and is the size of a basketball. The fetus is more than 30 cm. and weighs about 800 grams, is already quite active and has greater coordination of movements. From now on, you can open and close your eyes. And it can hiccup and be perceived by the mother as small heartbeats.

Seventh month of pregnancy

The uterus is about 11 cm. above the navel or about 30 cm. from the pubic bone. The baby is about 40 cm. and weight about 1,200 grams. There will be great brain development. The lungs are the most immature organs at this time.

Eighth month of pregnancy

The uterine height from the pubis usually coincides with the gestational age, at 34 weeks, it measures 34 cm. The pregnant woman feels quite uncomfortable and with difficulty to perform certain movements. The baby is between 45 and 50 cm. and weighs about 2,500 grams. He has periods of sleep and less room to move, and his lungs have almost reached maturity.

Ninth month of pregnancy

The uterus is now under the ribs. The uterine fundus is about 38-40 cm. from the pubic bone. The skin of the abdomen of the pregnant woman is distended to the maximum and the pregnant woman walks somewhat awkwardly. The baby moves with difficulty and in the middle of this month it is considered that it is fully formed and developed to be born. The placenta weighs about 600 grams.

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