Common mistakes when choosing shoes for children

Common mistakes when choosing shoes for children

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The choice of shoe is one of the basic keys for children's feet to grow correctly. A bad choice can create vices in the foot, and a bad footprint can cause, in addition to muscle pain, poor development of the feet and legs. Therefore, in the case of children, the choice of shoe depends on the age of the child. In this process, We can make some mistakes when choosing shoes for children, we will tell you which ones.

Babies have more sensitive feet than those of an adult, as well as a nearly flat sole, so their shoes should allow free movement of the toes, without being too tight. While in the first steps the shoe must be wide and high so as not to compress the foot, with a flexible and non-slip sole. From the age of 7 the foot has already taken its shape and will only grow in length and width.

These are the most common mistakes when choosing shoes for children:

1- Choose one size more for when he grows up. A very common mistake, since the child's foot grows every three months an average of between 7 and 8 millimeters. However, a shoe that dances on the foot can cause chafing, and forces us to adopt positions that are harmful, in addition to causing possible falls.

2- The boots to hold the ankle. The ankle should be loose and, little by little, the child should strengthen it when walking. In addition, a too compressed boot can affect the proper development of the ankle. Boots should only be used to protect yourself in specific cases from humidity or excessive cold.

3- Buy plastic shoes. Excessive sweating of the foot causes irritation and fungus. Cloth or leather shoes should always be worn, especially in summer.

4- Abusing sports shoes. Sneakers should be used in moderation, too many hours put on they do not ventilate properly and cause fungus, since they are not usually made of leather. It is advisable to buy them made of leather, canvas or mesh so that they are as ventilated as possible.

5- Inherit shoes. It is very common to inherit from older siblings, however it is not a recommended practice since each foot is different and the shoe usually takes the shape of the first foot that uses it, so the new owner is probably treading in a different way than his brother and, therefore, it is common for them to touch or be uncomfortable.

6- Pointed or very low-cut finishes. Pointed shoes deform the toes, while very low-cut ones, such as ballerinas, flip-flops or clogs, tend to come off when walking and are often done with excessive work to grip.

It is important to remember that the feet should be free as much as possible, so it is always advisable to take them off when you get home and walk barefoot or with socks, without a doubt, children will appreciate it.

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