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Why choose a single name for your baby, instead of a compound one

Why choose a single name for your baby, instead of a compound one

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Choosing the best and most attractive name for new members of the family can be challenging. Although there are some parents who are perfectly clear about the ideal name for their son or daughter, most new parents can have serious problems with this important choice. One of the first questions asked is: 'Is it better to choose a single name for the baby or a compound name?'

It is also very common for it to happen that, once the name has been chosen and the parents have been convinced of it, a new, more attractive one appears that makes them doubt. And if this case is presented with the first name, can you imagine what it will be like with the second? Perhaps it is to avoid this same, that some parents choose to choose a simple name for their children.

The famous businesswoman and reality celebrity, Kim Kardashian chose to give only one name to her first-born (North West) because there was no other name that she liked to combine. A similar case and close to me was that of my cousin, since her parents could not find an attractive middle name to combine with theirs (Lucia). Although there were many options, none appealed to them completely.

Another well-known case in which a single name is chosen for boys and girls, occurs when parents choose to create an original name, derived from a combination of paternal names or names that appeal to them, as is often the case in Ibero-American countries. . Such as: Mariale, Rosmery, Albalicia, Rigoberto, etc.

In both cases, the interest is that only one first name is chosen and the second name that accompanies it is left aside. This generates a visual and attractive interest that can be the center of many interactions, curiosities and confusion.

To help you choose if you like a single name for your baby, below we weigh the advantages and disadvantages. We start with all the good things about choosing a simple name:

- There is greater ease in legal documents, as there are fewer names involved and fewer opportunities for future mistakes to be made.

- There's also less confusion for teachers and people in general when calling or writing their name.

- Creates an auditory interest that undoubtedly causes curiosity to people. And it is that when a simple name is strong enough, you do not need to be accompanied by another.

- It can also provide that originality that so many seek, if they decide to opt for a unique name, which is the result of an interesting combination of names.

- It does not take the distraction of a middle name to make it harmonious and a great choice as an attractive name for your baby.

And what are the disadvantages of simple names?

- Perhaps the biggest disadvantage that this particular choice represents is that the boys and girls, once they have grown they have no other choice to be called. Some people have a preference for their middle name over their first, but by just choosing one, these people are left with no other option in the future.

- Depending on the degree of originality that parents seek when creating a unique name, this can also become a name that is too rare or with difficulty understanding when pronouncing and being written by another.

- May cause feelings of withdrawal in children when feel different. Although these cases are more common when parents opt for a too elaborate and creative name.

Parents are always advised, regardless of whether they are choosing a single name or two, to do so with their children's future in mind, as these are the ones who will carry that name for the rest of their lives. So, especially when choosing a single name for your baby, it is recommended to take the time to choose a name that is beautiful and has a special touch.

But if you still have doubts, other good recommendations are:

  • Look at the meanings of various names.
  • Research foreign names.
  • Choose simple combinations that are easy to write and pronounce.

So yes, in your search for that beautiful name for your babyThey are only attracted by one and find no inspiration in any other to add as a middle name. Don't worry and don't force it, remember that sometimes less is more.

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