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Saint Helena Day, August 18. Names for girls

Saint Helena Day, August 18. Names for girls

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Elena is a name for a girl of Greek origin that means 'the one that shines'. It is a name of exceptional beauty for its meaning and for the mythical connotations that it implies. Although it has been known since ancient times, it has been in recent decades that it has become a frequent name, also in its variant Helena. Celebrate your name day on August 18, which is the day of Santa Elena.

For the meaning of your name, Elena has a charismatic and mysterious personality whose influence few can resist. Confident of herself, Elena inspires trust and protection both in her group of friends and in her family. In addition, her firm and combative spirit leads her to achieve success in any project.

The name Elena is known all over the world thanks to the Greek mythological tradition and it has countless variations and diminutives that make Elena one of the most versatile names. Helena, Ellen, Helen, Ely, Lena, Alina, Helene, Ylenia, Eileen or Lenka are just some of the possibilities offered by this name loaded with beauty and sophistication.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to meet the first woman who bore the name Helen, who was none other than the mythical Helen of Troy, or of Sparta, whose abduction at the hands of the Trojan prince Paris has generated endless debates, novels and movies, since it was the trigger of the Trojan War.

But in addition to the beautiful Helena, we meet many other charismatic women who are named after your daughter, such as the Spanish actresses Elena Anaya or Elena Furiase, the model Helen Lindes or the British actress Helen Mirren. Nor can we forget the prestigious cosmetics firm Helena Rubinstein.

Santa Elena is the most popular, but not the only name day celebrated on that day. Take note in case you have a family member named like that, you have no excuse to congratulate them by phone or with a WhatsApp message !: San Agapito de Lacio, San Alberto Hurtado, San Eonio de Arlés, San Fermín de Metz, Santa Juana de Chantal, Saint Leo of Lycia and Saint Macarius of Bithynia.

And since it seems that the festivities are going on, we will tell you the saints that still have to be celebrated during this month of August. Take out your schedule again and mark them on your calendar!

  • August 19, St. Louis
  • August 20, St. Samuel
  • August 21, San Pio
  • August 22, St. Timothy
  • August 23, Santa Rosa
  • August 24, Saint Bartholomew
  • August 25, Santa Patricia
  • August 26, San Froilán
  • August 27, Santa Monica
  • August 28, St. Augustine
  • August 29, Santa Sabina
  • August 30, Santa Ingrid
  • August 31, San Ramón

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There are parents who are devoted to compound names and others who, in order not to create a family schism (the man has a preference and the woman another), decide to bet on a compound name. Looking for possible combinations for Elena? Here are the things that hit her the most, whether you want Elena to go to the beginning or the end.

Compound names with Elena at the beginning

  • Elena Esther
  • Elena Carlota
  • Elena Sofia
  • Elena Ruth
  • Elena Esmilcen

Compound names with Elena at the end

  • Maria Elena
  • Alma Elena
  • Clara Elena
  • Juana Elena
  • Guadalupe Elena

As it is a name that symbolizes the beauty of a woman, many parents around the world choose it for their little ones, and that is because for them their baby is the most handsome in the world. As with other names that travel from one point of the planet to another, Elena has different variants depending on the country in which we are.

  • Elena in English, Ellen or Helen
  • Elena in Italian, Elena
  • Elena in Aragonese, Lena
  • Elena in Portuguese, Helena
  • Elena in Croatian, Jelena or Jelka
  • Elena in Basque, Elene
  • Elena in German, Helene
  • Elena in Norwegian, Eline, Helene, Elin, Eli or Helen
  • Elena in Russian, Ilena
  • Elena in Scottish Gaelic, Eileen
  • Elena in Ukrainian, Olena

Perhaps you have chosen (although it may not yet definitively) this name because you like all those that begin with the second vowel of the alphabet, is that correct? In case you have doubts, here you go the most beautiful names for girls that begin with the letter E.

  • Elisa
    Of Hebrew origin, it is related to women of great generosity (it means the help of God) and positivity.
  • Elsa
    It is a variant of Elisa that is gaining more and more followers. It means the one loved by God.
  • Elvira
    This feminine name of Germanic origin expresses nobility and protection. Under such a person, everyone will feel safe.
  • Emma
    'The one who is strong'. This is the secret message that these four letters hide.
  • Incarna
    It comes from Encarnación, a name that in ancient times served both men and women. It means within the flesh.
  • Erica
    'The eternal queen' is the meaning of this beautiful name of German origin.
  • Emerald
    Its meaning is closely linked to purity and beauty, and especially to the stone that bears the same name.
  • hope
    Few mysteries keep this feminine name of Latin origin that wishes the best for the future.
  • Wake
    To trace its origins, we have to travel to medieval Italy, where we meet a highly revered woman, Maria Santissima della Stella.
  • Eve
    Of Hebrew origin, it comes from the word 'Havva', which means that which gives life. Like many other names, it accepts multiple variants: Evangelina, Evelyn or Evarista.

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Each of the letters that make up Elena corresponds to a digit. Do you know that if we add all of them until only one number remains, we can discover personality traits of the girls baptized by their parents with this name? In this case, it's about 1. Discover the good and the bad of the girls named Elena through numerology.

The best of number 1
Their curiosity and initiative make them stand out above anyone else, making them leaders of the group. Luckily, they are people who know how to listen and who are always aware of others, to the point that they can put the interests of others above their own.

Worst of number 1
They are quite independent and autonomous, which can create some problems in the family environment, since they do not like the rules and they do not like someone putting limits on their behavior. Luckily, they don't like fights and they always resolve a conflict by talking.

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