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We know why kids wake up early on weekends

We know why kids wake up early on weekends

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It doesn't matter whether it's Monday, Thursday or Sunday ... Your child always wakes up at the same time, it's like a clock! And that you hope that, like you, he will accumulate fatigue from the busy week and delay his time to get 'on the warpath'. As we know that it is difficult to understand, we are going to answer your question why children wake up early on weekends and to give you some tips to try to change this trend.

A common comment among parents is how much they long to be able to sleep as before or, at least, a little more than now, especially on weekends, when they are supposed to rest from their work and recharge to start a new week .

This conversation also arises in the pediatric consultation and parents ask: 'Doctor, how can I make my son understand that it is the weekend and that we can sleep a little longer?' It turns out that adults, without realizing it, are conditioning ourselves to a daily routine from Monday to Friday, from which we anxiously want to escape the weekend, but for children, life does not work that way.

As children, every day is the same, so once they get their sleep rhythm, they get up every day, more or less, at the same time. When they are older, they begin to take their routine of getting up early to go to school and, when Saturday and Sunday arrive, it is time to do many of the things that they could not do while they were in class such as play, so you have to take advantage time to the max. So we must understand this wake-up 'phenomenon'.

We all have what we call a biological clock, which is nothing more than a series of cells that are housed in our brain, specifically in the hypothalamus, and that regulate our circadian rhythm, in charge of 'managing' our perception of what is the day and night.

The signals that the hypothalamus sends to other parts of the brain behave differently when faced with light. In the absence of it, melatonin levels increase and drowsiness is generated, signaling to the body that it is time to sleep. Conversely, in the presence of light, melatonin decreases and cortisol increases, indicating that we must be awake. All this without distinction of the days of the week.

Understanding this, don't worry, all is not lost nor should we resign ourselves to being woken up on Sundays at 7 in the morning by our little "little watches with a life of their own". We can follow some recommendations to extend children's sleep a little on weekends.

- Check that the daylight does not enter your child's room in all its splendorat first hour of the morning; If so, you can solve it by placing a curtain or blind that reduces the intensity of this light.

- If he wakes up very early because his diaper is soaked, try putting on a more absorbent one at night.

- Try to keep your room temperature stable and check your sleeping habits. When it is dawn it is a little colder, and if your pajamas are light or while you sleep you take off the blanket, maybe the cold of the morning will make you wake up earlier.

- Make sure the child has made a good dinner or have him have a snack before going to sleep (remember to brush his teeth before putting him to bed) so he doesn't feel hungry so early.

- Teach him to stay a while longer in his bedPerhaps enjoying their favorite toy (not televisions, video games, tablets) and the little ones, you can place a mobile with vibrant and striking colors in their crib. It keeps them entertained for a few minutes and possibly they will sleep a little longer.

- And if none of that works for you and they sleep in separate beds or rooms, it may be a good time to invite him to your bed and do some co-sleeping. Surely the warmth of the parents will make them sleep a while longer and can enjoy a joyful awakening for each other.

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