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The importance of children's naps in summer

The importance of children's naps in summer

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With the arrival of vacations (especially summer ones), parents wonder what we are going to do with our children's schedules and routines that, on occasions, have been so difficult for us to establish. And so doubts arise like 'Do I have to keep the same meal times?' or 'Should children's naps be respected in summer? ' Next we are going to reveal the mystery to you and give you some guidelines so that you can all enjoy this great moment so awaited by all members of the family.

It is true that it can be difficult to follow the same schedule and naps when we have a trip ahead or when meals are scheduled with friends or a family event is organized, right?

Depending on the personality and temperament of your child, it may be okay for us to break the rules on a specific day, but that day he may be too tired and have a hard night's sleep, although he will also probably get back on track all the next day. On the other hand, it may take other children a little more time, a few days, to return to normalcy.

If your child takes naps, whether they are 3, 2 or 1 depending on how old he is, obviously it is necessary to keep them, since otherwise you may find yourself at the end of the afternoon with a little over-tired and irritable, and he will hardly reconcile the dream.

What we can do in the face of summer without affecting the baby's rest much and, therefore, ours, is to vary the place where they sleep, but always trying to keep the schedules. The most important thing is that the little one sleeps so that he is calm. But it is not the only advice, take note of the following measures you can take!

1. If your child is transitioning from naps, try to stick with the routine or schedule as much time as possible. The first few weeks that you are 'setting up' your new schedule are usually the most important.

2. If he takes two naps and you have to choose between one of the two, opt to miss the afternoon nap and put him to bed earlier when you go to sleep at night. The morning nap usually sets the mood and emotional state for your child for the rest of the day. A tired baby in the morning can usually be fussy the rest of the day and night.

3. If your child falls asleep easily in the car, you can match travel times with nap times.

4. And if he falls asleep back at night, you can transfer him from the car seat directly to his bed. If he wakes up, don't treat him like a nap. His body will still expect to sleep, so do a little routine to put him to bed. Try to keep the room dark while you do the routine so she doesn't wake up and wake up.

5. If you don't take a nap in the car, try driving after the first nap of the day in order to get off to a good start and day, and then try a nap when you arrive at your destination.

Enjoy the holidays, spend time in the sun and outdoors, and the sun is a good ally for the rest of your children.

** All of these recommendations are taken from the books of children's sleep experts: Tracy Hogg, Elisabeth Pantley, Kim West, National Sleep Foundation, and a few more.

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