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In Nerea's garden. A short story that speaks of kindness to children

In Nerea's garden. A short story that speaks of kindness to children

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What is goodness? 'Be good', surely you have answered. However, if we dive a little deeper into this word, we find a much more complicated concept to address. To help children understand what 'being good' really means, we have children's stories like this: 'In Nerea's garden'. This short story tells children of kindness, of generosity and other types of values ​​that we must instill in our children since they are small.

At the end of the story, we propose some questions to answer with your children and we collect other stories that also speak of kindness.

In the village they said that they did not remember such a hot summer.

It was so hot that the swamps were empty and the dry grasses burned almost daily. The birds appeared dead on the ground, and when Nerea, just seven years old, realized what was happening, she asked her father:

- Father! Can I put water for the birds to drink?

- Of course, Nerea! - His father answered him.

Between the two of them they filled some basins with fresh water, and placed them in the shade of the rose bushes and lilies in their garden so that the birds and butterflies could drink and cool off.

This is how Nerea spent the whole summer without forgetting a single day; giving water to the birds and the butterflies of their garden so they could survive the heat wave.

Autumn finally arrived, lightening the atmosphere. In the village, as usual, they had a very cold winter followed by a warm spring and, again, the heat of summer returned there, this year with milder temperatures. The birds and butterflies flitted happily through Nerea's garden without missing food or drink.

It happened that with the entry of summer Nerea started to feel bad; She was very pale and felt dizzy, for that reason the doctors gave her medication and gave her a lot of rest. She was very tired and bored, and she did not feel like going out to the garden or to take in the fresh air and the sun, despite the insistent requests of her parents.

When one of the birds that survived the heat wave of the previous year found out, he warned everyone else of what was happening.

Within a few days Nerea's garden was full of grateful little birds that whispered happy songs posted in the window of the girl's room. Little by little Nerea was improving and wanted to go out to the garden. The butterflies spreading their colorful wings gently fanned the girl's face, which thanks to all her friends was improving until she regained her color.

Reading a story with our children helps us to strengthen the bond we have with them, to build memories that will mark their childhood, to encourage the habit of reading, to teach them new words ... But they are also an excuse to reflect with them on certain topics. On this occasion, 'In the garden of Nerea' can give you the opportunity to talk about goodness. To do this, we propose below some questions that will make you think:

- What does it mean to 'be good'?

- Give me examples of behaviors that are related to kindness.

- Does looking for others mean that it is wrong to look for oneself?

- Is he good who does something good to get something in return? For example, if I help a friend to help me the next day, am I being good?

- Can you think of something that you can change in your behavior to be more good?

And, to finish, we propose other stories so that you can continue talking about values ​​such as kindness with your children.

Stories with values ​​about kindness in children

Pedrito, the snail and the slug. The story 'Pedrito, el caracol y la babosa' is a children's story about generosity and kindness. Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct. This story especially awakens a sense of kindness, generosity and friendship.

The man, the bee and the sheep. The Fable of Man, the Bee and the Sheep, is a Lessing fable that tells us of the disinterest in our actions, and of true goodness. Tales with a moral to teach children.

The little frog and the moon. We invite you to read this beautiful children's story about kindness and solidarity: The little frog and the moon. A story for children about the importance of helping others so that they can fulfill their dreams.

Someone. 'Someone' is a beautiful children's story that will teach your child great values. This is a story for children about kindness, generosity, and empathy. A beautiful story, without a doubt, that helps us to reflect with children on the importance of nurturing basic values ​​in our daily lives.

The caring gardener. The Kind Gardener is a value story for children that speaks of kindness, respect, vanity, humility and forgiveness. Do not miss this beautiful story for children full of values.

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