Children's songs

22 short songs that still catch on with preschoolers

22 short songs that still catch on with preschoolers

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Master music! If there is something that cannot be missing in life, it is music. Children's songs are a source of inspiration, a learning tool, a reason to shake the skeleton, an impulse to raise the spirits, a mattress for self-esteem ... we are more than sure of the enormous power that music has in each of the stages of early childhood education (from babies in their tummies to adults). Therefore, we have made a compilation with the best traditional short songs that, no matter how many years go by, still triumph among preschool children.

We start this compilation with some of the most popular songs among children from 0 to 6 years old. They are simple but very catchy melodies that have been passed from generation to generation with small variations ... until today! What was your favorite when you were younger?

1. Estrellita, where are you
This song is a classic that all children have sung and that children of the present and future continue and will continue to sing. There are different versions: with a little star that shines in the sky, with a bell that rings, etc. But all these coincide in proposing a simple and tender melody that children soon hum.

Enjoy the song 'Estrellita, where are you' again.

2. Let it rain
It seems that adults make us bitter on rainy days. However, for the little ones they are an opportunity to put on their precious rubber boots, splash in the puddles and sing this popular song.

Check the full lyrics of 'Let it rain'.

3. Five little mice
We parents are very excited to transmit to children some of the songs that we sang when we were as little as they were. This one, whose protagonists are elusive mice, is precisely one of them.

Here you can review the lyrics of the song 'Cinco ratoncitos' in case you don't remember it in full.

4. Sun, sun
This song brings together all the qualities of good children's songs that are passed down from parents to children: its lyrics are simple, its melody is pleasant and its rhythm is catchy. For all these reasons, and because it is very popular in every kindergarten, it is not uncommon to see preschoolers singing it.

Sing with your children the song of 'Sol, solecito'.

5. I take out my little hand and put it to dance
This classic of the most popular children's songs encourages children to dance, sing and play with a fun melody in the background. As you may already know, this song lists a series of gestures that children must repeat to the rhythm of the music.

Listen to 'I take out my hand and put it to dance'.

6. The coachman
Sometimes the lyrics to popular children's songs couldn't be more absurd. This is what this song speaks a bit about, that you can sing with your children during family trips that you take by car.

Enjoy with your children the song 'El cocherito'.

Nursery rhymes are a wonderful resource for children to learn concepts such as numbers, letters, or the need to collect after playing. Do not miss these topics that will be so useful to you.

7. Pin pon
One of the best musical friends of preschool children is Pin pon, the cutest and most sympathetic cardboard doll. In addition, it is a wonderful song that teaches the little ones some of the most important routines of the day: washing their faces, brushing their hair, eating without leaving ... Melodies like this encourage the autonomy of children.

Sing along with your preschooler the song 'Pin pon'.

8. To save, to save
If it seems 'mission impossible' for your child to put the toys away after playing with them and tidy up his room, here is a song that will surely help It is very popular in nursery schools because it encourages children to be more organized.

Listen and learn the song of 'To keep, to keep'.

9. The song of numbers
Surely it sounds to you: 'The one is a soldier doing the drill, the two is a duckling, sunbathing ...' Enjoy this song together and teach your children the numbers in the most fun way.

Do not miss 'The song of the numbers'.

10. The round of vowels
As they grow older, children can acquire more complex knowledge and if they learn through songs, they have a better time. It is for this reason that songs like this are often used to learn the lyrics.

Learn 'The round of the vowels' from the hand of the Traposo bear, the mascot of our site

11. Songs to learn English
Learning English through songs is much more entertaining and attractive for children. For this reason, more and more preschool classes in which these songs can be heard.

Do not miss this compilation with the best songs in English for children.

Many of the best known children's songs are related to fun games that never go out of style. Other of these melodies, serve to accompany the games of the little ones. To each one, more fun.

12. Melodies to play clapping
Since they are babies, children love to play clapping. As they get older, the melodies that make the hands dance become more complicated, but all of them look for rhythmic word games that allow children to have a good time.

Find out if the song of palms that marked your childhood is in our compilation.

13. To the sea viper
Children have a lot of fun playing to this song. The little ones form a line holding on to the waist as they walk and pass under the arms of other children who are forming an arch. And while they sing and dance to this song.

Have you heard the song 'To the viper of the sea'?

14. The patio of my house
This short song is one of the most popular with children around the world. Many of them play holding hands in the form of a circle and going around until the moment of the song comes when they have to throw themselves on the ground.

Do not miss this song of always: 'The patio of my house'.

15. Happy birthday!
One of the first songs all children learn is 'happy birthday'. But what if we put a little more gear and samba rhythm on it? Well, it's even more fun! You can dance, sing and accompany all the games that you have thought for your little one's birthday party.

Haven't you heard the 'Happy Birthday' song to the beat of samba yet?

16. To the shoe from behind
All the children sit in a circle, except for the one in charge of putting a shoe behind one of them. When this popular melody is finished, whoever has the shoe on his back must run to catch the boy who put it on. Who has not played this in their childhood!

Play and sing with 'To the shoe from behind'.

17. Good morning!
There is nothing better to fill you with energy and good humor than to start the day with a short but fun song like this one. Thanks to this melody, preschool children in many schools start the day on the right foot.

You can also sing the song 'Good morning' at home.

18. The farewell song
In many nursery schools and preschool classrooms the day ends with a song. It's a nice way for children to go home with a smile and wanting to return to class the next day. Surely your children know this melody.

Listen to the song from 'Hasta Mañana'!

Shhh! To sleep! But first, play some of the children's favorite lullabies. They will help you relax and fall asleep faster. They are appropriate for children of any age, even from the moment they are born.

19. My child scared
All parents who play this sweet melody for their children agree that it has an almost magical numbing power. The velvety voice and calm chords tame even the most reluctant children to go to bed.

Try to put your children to sleep with 'Arrorró mi niño'.

20. The belly
Have you ever heard this song? It is so relaxing that it helps children fall into the arms of Morpheus. You can sing it to your little one so that he goes to sleep peacefully.

Review the lyrics to 'La pancita'.

21. Sleepy piglets
This little song talks about some pigs that go to bed and dream of different things: that they become a king, that they start sailing in a boat, that they help their mother ... What will your son dream about? night?

To sleep with the song of 'The sleeping pigs'.

22. Hush little baby
'Sleep little, don't be afraid, mom will find you a nightingale.' This lullaby or lullaby invites children to rest quietly under the care of their parents. It is so calm and reassuring that even you will have a hard time not falling asleep.

Listen to 'Hush little baby'.

And, finally, in case we have not yet convinced you of the enormous benefits that nursery rhymes have for children, below we list some of the benefits that preschool children are familiar with and enjoy the most popular songs.

- They are the best anti-stress therapy. When children listen to music, they escape from problems, disconnect from unpleasant situations, put stress aside, release tension, etc.

- Music creates a pleasant atmosphere that allows children to feel confident to show themselves without fear.

- In the case of nannies, they also help them sleep better as it creates a climate of tranquility that invites them to fall asleep.

- Sing songs with the children stimulates your memoryas the letters have to be learned. But, in addition, it works their ability to concentrate since the little ones have to be very attentive to the movements of the choreography.

- Besides an ideal learning tool, songs are also educate the emotions because they teach children to recognize them. Also, encourage the little ones to express how they feel.

- Increase vocabulary of children, who learn new words thanks to short and popular songs.

- Children improve their communication skills. In addition, they work on the rhythm and coordination of their movements when they have to dance.

- Music improves children's self-esteem and gives them self-confidence.

- Singing songs is one of the great entertainment and source of fun that exists. Enjoying them, they will create memories that they will evoke with a smile when they are older (even in adulthood).

What is your child's favorite short song? Would you add any more to this compilation?

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