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14 names for boys with their diminutives that are very popular in Chile

14 names for boys with their diminutives that are very popular in Chile

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Historical tradition and new adaptations, this is how the rich Chilean culture is defined, one of the countries with the most longitudinal extension in southern Latin America and beautiful landscapes, from beaches to forests, with a Metropolis characterized by technological development and multiple opportunities for growth. Below we have compiled some names for children of this land with their most special diminutives. They are the favorites of Chilean parents, due to their origin (in some cases they have Mapuche origin) and meaning. Will any of them be your chosen one for your baby?

We start the list! Here are some names that are very popular in Chile.

1. Mateo: (Mati)
This beautiful popular name for boys in Chile, has its origin in the Greek Mathaios and which was later adapted by the Hebrew (Mattiyahu) and the Latin (Matthaeus) whose meaning is ‘The gift of God’. A curious fact is that the name Mateo, is an opposite variant in Spanish, of the English name Matthew.

2. Luciano: (Lucho / Luci / Lucio)
One of the most popular and attractive names for boys, not only from Chile but also from Argentina and Uruguay. This name derives from the Latin Lucianu, which means ‘One born to light’ and also refers to what is luminous and bright. Its common diminutive is Lucio, and its feminine form Luciana or Lucía.

3. Vicente: (Vince)
One of the most popular names in Latin America and one that has endured over time as one of the names with that quintessential masculine touch. Its origin is Latin, it is a masculine name and it means "He who is victorious" so you can have an idea of ​​the magnificence that this name possesses by itself.

4. Benjamin: (Benja / Ben)
Definitely a beautiful and attractive name to choose for your baby and also with a lot of history. The origin of this name is from the Hebrew ben-onin, whose original meaning is ‘Son of my pain’ but was later transformed into ben yamin which means ‘Son of the right hand’.

5. Alonso: (Al)
Another classic name in the countries of Latin America and Spain, full of history and elegance, so, regardless of the time, it is always an excellent option to consider for children's names. The origin of this name is German Adelfuns and Alonso is its Galician-Portuguese variant. This is a harmonious combination of Adel (Noble) and Funs (Ready), so its meaning is 'The noble prepared'.

6. Tomás: (Tommy)
This name has its etymological origin in the Aramaic Thoma which is used to say twin. Over time men have been given the character of caring and cooperative with this beautiful and attractive male name.

There are also some names of Mapuche origin, a traditional Chilean culture that remains proudly erected on its islands, whose original names and interesting phonetics are an excellent choice for inspiration for baby names.

7. Nahuel
This attractive and popular name for boys in Chile is Mapuche in origin and means 'Jaguar', so those who own it have the protection and ability of this feline. It has two variants of its own: Nahuelpan and Nahuelquin.

8. Tahiel
Another attractive and powerful Mapuche name that means ‘Free man’, bestowed as a blessing for a prosperous life.

9. Aukan
This is one of the most frequent Mapuche names of all time, it means ‘The Warrior’ giving a touch of power to whoever possesses it.

10. Rayen
It means 'Wild flower' but it must be accompanied by a second name to determine its sex, since it is a unisex name.

11. Lautaro
It is a name made up of Lev (Fast) and Tharu (Traro), which refers to Traro, which is a native Chilean bird of prey.

12. Lihue
It is a very popular name in Mapuche and its own masculine name that means "Life" also has its own variant: Lihuel.

13. Quillen
This is another unisex Mapuche name and has two meanings 'Hermoso' and 'Rocío'.

14. Huáscar
This is an original name for boys with a powerful story behind it, as it was the name of the twelfth Inca emperor.

Which Chilean name for boys inspired you the most?

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