Dictated by pairs, an original game for children to review language

Dictated by pairs, an original game for children to review language

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Do you know what the dictated by pairs? As the name suggests, they are dictation exercises that are done two by two. One of the children acts as a reader while the other writes and then the roles are switched. They are indicated to do with elementary school students because in addition to being quite entertaining they have a lot of advantages. In the end they become an original game to review what they learned in language class. Let's see it!

Let's see a little more in detail how is this of dictation two by two. As you may have already noticed, it is about partnering in class or at home with your children. One of the children will be in charge of dictating the previously selected exercise to his partner and then he will have to write what the other child says. Once they have finished, each child will have to correct what his partner has written and then show it to the teacher so that he can clarify the doubts that have remained.

As for the texts (we will see some examples below), they can be done in several ways.

- One of them is to choose the same text for both children in such a way that each one fill in the space that the other is missingOr, when they finish the exercise and each one reads their part aloud, they will have the complete text.

- Another way to do it is choose paragraphs at random that they have nothing to do with each other. Remember that they must always be according to the age of the students, have the grammar rules that are going to be reviewed and also be entertaining to capture their attention.

- The third way to make these texts to dictate in pairs is allow students to choose them themselves from a book they like, from a fragment of a famous song or poem.

Whichever model you are going to start with, what you have to know is that all of them are perfect for working on the relationship between spelling and communication.

What do you think if we now list the main advantages of doing dictation in pairs from time to time? Just in case you still doubt all the benefits it has for children.

1. It promotes autonomy children have to play the role of reader and writer in addition to correcting what their partner has done.

2. Lets you know the correct use of grammar rules and spelling rules.

3. Improves the intellectual abilities of students as well as the creativity.

4. Team work, a very important value, is reinforced.

5. These exercises are enjoyable, fun, and children's favorites.

6. Memory and concentration are worked.

Here are some examples of dictation exercises to do in pairs with your students. You will see how successful they are!

- First example of dictation to be done in pairs: summer vacation

Student A (dictate this text to his partner)
I'm going is the last day of class. So, before we go on summer vacation, we say goodbye to the teacher with love and also to our classmates. It's time to pack your swimsuit, catch the ball and go out to play with the water. My mother says that this year the holidays are going to be very fun because we are going to spend many days at the beach.

Student B (dictate this text to student A)
My father, however, is not so happy, he likes going to the mountains much more. And my sister, who is still a baby, says nothing at all. As for me, I'm going to miss my classmates, but I know I'm going to have fun making new friends at the beach and pool.

Student A (continues to dictate the following text)
Although it is clear that not everything is going to be playing and playing, as next year I am already in second grade, my teacher has said that we have to do a little homework every day. Specifically, I have to do a math worksheet, a language worksheet, an English worksheet and read by myself for at least 15 minutes.

Student B (finishes dictating the last paragraph)
They seem like a lot of duties but in truth they are not. I read very quickly and I already know how to do almost all the exercises for the rest of the subjects. Also, since mom and dad don't have to work, if I have doubts they will be able to help me. And you? What are you going to do this summer on your vacation?

- Second example of dictation, Pepe and Pipo are friends

Student A (dictates the following text to his partner)
Pepe ran to his friend Pipo's house, hurried up the stairs and knocked on the door twice. Since no one answered, he said:

- Pipi, Pipo, wake up. Winter has arrived.

Pipo, who did not want to get out of bed, said:

- Go away, I don't feel like anything.

But as Pepe did not give up just like that, he continued in his endeavor.

- It has started to snow, get up, put on your gloves and your hat and come and play with me in the snow.

Pipo slowly opened his eyes and answered his friend:

- You love winter, I hate it!

Student B (dictates to student A)
And, as the lazy Pipo has said, he does not like the cold of winter at all. On more than one occasion he has told himself that instead of being a toad, he could already be a bear to hibernate throughout the winter and not have to go outside for a single day. But since nature had insisted that it had to be a little toad, he had no choice but to let his inseparable friend Pepe force him to go outside to see the good side of winter.

We love dictation exercises, even more so if they are to be done in pairs!

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