What numerology reveals about the fate of babies born in 2020

What numerology reveals about the fate of babies born in 2020

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Superstitious or not superstitious, surely you also follow some tradition to the letter trying to attract good luck. And it is that in this of tilting the balance towards good luck it seems that intuition and 'just in case' prevail more than anything else. However, the subject seems to take on a much greater significance when we talk about the fortune of the babies born in the year 2020, the one we released. If your son is from this year, then this will be his luck according to numerology.

Once you have your baby growing inside you, the only wish for him is that he grows up healthy and happy. However, surely you can't stop thinking about how lucky you are going to be. There are those who think that the year, the month, the day and even the hour a child is born in no way affects their luck, however, there are experts who have spent decades studying what the numbers say; that not to mention other cultures, for example, in China it is always taken into account the year and horoscope of a newborn to find out how he will do when he grows up and what his personality and character will be like.

On our site we have got down to work so you know how is the luck of your baby born in 2020 according to numerology. The main number for the year 2020 is 20 (in fact, if you look at it, this number appears twice) so the first thing we have to do is know what that number has to tell us.

According to numerology the number 20, as it happens with all pairs, it is solar, dynamic, energetic and also masculine, so your baby has many more options to be a child. It is a number that reveals emotions and spiritual sensations. It arises from the union of 2 and 0. The first refers to balance and harmony and the second represents the beginning and the starting point. Those skilled in numerology agree that the union of 2 and 0 creates a perfect tandem.

On the other hand, this even number is linked to friendship and good personal relationships, not for nothing is it known as the twin of 10 which reflects the purest and most basic nature of man and woman.

If we delve into Chinese culture, we see that number 20 is associated with a moment of change, renewal and a new path to walk, so much so that concepts such as faith and truth are put on the table. Without a doubt it is a number that accompanies the destination, especially if it is the one chosen to name the date on which your child is going to be born.

So what does the numerology say about all babies born in 2020? Let's see!

1. Your baby has a positive attitude
If we look closely, in 2020 two digits are repeated, and not only that, but the 2 (which comes twice) is the number of the moon. Those born under the sign of the moon, according to experts, have an innate predisposition to a positive attitude towards the challenges and setbacks of life.

2. Is able to appreciate what he has
Boys and girls born in 2020 are capable of appreciating everything they have. This does not mean that they are not capricious, even more so in childhood, but it does mean that if you put limits on them from affection and respect they know how to see and value all the good that there is in their life, whether material or immaterial.

3. You will have confidence in yourself
The year 2020 is solar because it is even and also lunar because it has 2 twice, which results in people born during those twelve months, especially in the first four, will achieve healthy self-confidence. Something very important to have a strong self-esteem and full of personality.

4. Your baby will be very sensitive
As we have already said, number 2 has a strong presence, so babies born in 2020 are most likely very sensitive. It is not an internal sensitivity, remember that they will develop a strong personality, if not more of a sixth sense to help others when they need it. For something we also said that the number 2020 is spiritual and friendly.

Is your baby from 2020? Congratulations, dear mom! Now with this little guide you can know a little bit about his luck and personality.

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