What can lead a teenage girl to attack her mother

What can lead a teenage girl to attack her mother

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It sounds like the plot of a new Netflix series or the story of one of the last best-sellers that you can find in any bookstore in the country, but nothing is further from the truth. The news is what it is: a teenage girl assaults her mother for not letting her go to a party.

The video is in Brazilian, but we can assure you that the images are so impressive that they touch the sensibility of any person. And I think that no mother can imagine that that person who spent nine months in her womb, for whom she spent nights without sleep and days without eating and for whom she has given her entire life, could one day become his worst nightmare.

As we say, the sequence shows a teenage girl - her name has not been released to preserve her privacy - pulling her own mother's hair because she forbade her to leave the house to attend a party. This is the real reason! You can hear how the woman says 'Let go of my hair', but the young woman is so angry that she does not listen to reasons and continues to pull her mother's hair. The father tries to intervene in the case, but it is impossible, the girl is beside herself!

The video has gone viral in a few hours and the comments about it have been the most varied, although yes, most people criticize the lack of authority of the parents, they wonder why the mother leaves do without having any reaction (for better or for worse) and they question to what extent parents should be peaceful with their children's violent attitudes.

Yes, it has been possible to know that the fact is denounced, but not by the parents, since they did not dare or had the strength to face that difficult moment, but by the grandmother, who was tired of seeing violent and rebellious episodes of her granddaughter decided to go to the police. The young woman had to be transferred there, who is now waiting to be tried for a crime of bodily injury. Will she be sorry after the uproar?

Unfortunately, the case of this Brazilian teenager is not an isolated event and it is becoming more and more common to hear, know or witness situations like this. To give one piece of information, in Spain, for example, complaints from parents to minors have doubled in the last five years, reaching 5,000 cases. What are we parents doing wrong or not doing? Why do these types of aggressions occur?

- Lack of limits
Children must be set rules from when they are small. Failure to do so in due time can result in a child with emperor syndrome, that is, kids who manipulate and dominate their parents.

- Parents' feelings of guilt
Many adults are aware of the situation they live at home, but do not dare to do anything: not go to the psychologist, much less report. They feel guilty for not doing it right and they hang.

- You do not act on time
The parents consider that, perhaps, it is a temporary situation and that talking with the little one can be fixed. They try to do their best to solve it, but sometimes it is too late and it goes from psychological to physical violence, as the case we have told you above.

- Environment of violence
Children learn more from what they see than from what they hear, which is why many of the young bullies repeat a behavior that they have been able to experience in their own flesh (they have been victims of school bullying or bullying) or have seen at home (The parents often argued in front of the children or, even, there were situations of aggression between the adults).

- Materialistic society
Due to the society in which we live, young people are receiving error messages such as that you do not have to try too hard to get things and, that of course, is another reason that is behind aggressive behaviors. You have to educate the child that you cannot have everything you want, because it is true. Only in this way will we nip the germ of selfishness and the source of many frustrations.

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