11 Longer and More Difficult Dictations That Are Challenging for Kids

11 Longer and More Difficult Dictations That Are Challenging for Kids

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Dictations are an excellent review exercise to learn what has been taught about spelling and grammar, as well as being a good method for working on memory and concentration. The texts that we dictate must be according to the child's age, both in length and complexity. Here is the subject that occupies us. Do we see a few longer and more difficult dictations to do with fourth, fifth and sixth grade students? They will be a challenge that only they can achieve!

This compilation of dictation exercises to do with children in the last years of primary school in class or at home, begins with some texts that we have prepared with complicated words and as many specific ones to review certain grammar rules. Specifically, the first four dictations have more than one word that is complex both when reading it and when writing it, that is, they could well be part of a tongue twister. And the following serve to review the use of 'b', 'v' and 'h'; as well as words with 'cc' and those ending in 'd' and 'z'.

In the next section we will see three famous poems that are a little longer than those made with younger children. They are perfect for reviewing the use of hyphens, punctuation marks, and accents as well as reading comprehension.

And to finish we have two fragments of famous books. The idea is that you use them with your students and that you follow the thread by picking up a book and taking the following exercises from there. Better than better if they are books that you like, it will be much easier to capture your attention.

We start with the dictations! Remember correct them with your students or children so that, in this way, they learn what they have failed in.

1. You came as a jet of cold water that plows through the deepest of seas. Thus causing a disorder to everyone who passed by your side. You ended up in Madrid, perhaps for pleasure, perhaps because of fate. And it was there that we met and we could no longer separate.

2. The helicopter was making a very loud noise. But since the little nightingale didn't care, he continued to eat his croquette as if nothing had happened. Of course, with such a potpourri the matter ended up bothering the poor animal who had to stop eating his precious food.

3. The restriction was established, and nobody was going to be able to play ball without doing their homework first. Wait a second, that more than a restriction is a mandatory rule, don't you think?

4. My aunt who lives in Pamplona makes a delicious mayonnaise for potatoes and meat. Every time I go I end up with a piece of tape on my finger. I can't resist reaching in when you're making the delicious sauce!

5. From that illuminated chimney a ring of smoke rose every two by three that attracted everyone's attention and that is increasing in size and then vanishing higher and getting lost in the deepest darkness. Seen from the ground it looked like a smoke signal from an Indian trying to communicate with the hill next door. Just at that moment a woman's voice was heard saying: "Come in or go out, don't leave the door open, the soup is getting cold and there is plenty for everyone."

6. My friend Beatriz says that she has gone to live in Madrid. Today she sent me a letter to tell me about the city that everyone wants to go to, everyone except her, who longs to return here. He says that there is a great fair, a stream where fresh water runs, a show where the actors wear masks and a painter who paints pictures in the Picasso style. His father who worked in construction now does it in action, that is, he is one of those actors who rarely takes a vacation. Of course, he leaves us all speechless every time he steps on the stage.

Below you will find some ideal poems to dictate to children. You can take the opportunity to explain to the children something about the life and work of these authors. Remember that the dictations must be done correctly but it must also be checked if they have understood what it says in the text. Dictation of famous poems is a challenge to overcome!

7. 'Lemon', by Miguel Hernández

Oh yellow lemon

Homeland of my fever.

If i let you go

In the air,

Oh lemon


Will you give me

A lightning bolt

In summary.

If i upload you

To the tip

From my index,

Oh lemon


Will you give me



And even all

The China,

Although since

The Angels


If i sink you

My teeth,

Oh sour

My friend,

Will you give me

One minute

From sea.

8. 'Water, where are you going?' Federico Garcia Lorca

Laughing I go down the river

by the sea.

Mar, where are you going?

Upriver I'm looking

source where to rest.

Poplar, what will you do?

I do not want to tell you

nothing me ... shake!

What do I want, what do I not want,

by the river, by the sea?

Four birds aimlessly

in the high poplar they are!

9. 'Doña Gotita', by Luis Manuel

on a swing that goes up and down,

With so much cold he constipated

and with a sneeze he slipped,

Fell to earth

and it was wetting all the grass,

crying he goes looking for the river

looking for the sea.

Doña Gotita cried so much

that her friend the sun heard her,

and a ray of gold he lent her

and very happy for him went up.

Doña Gotita is in the cloud

on a swing

that goes down and up.

We come to the end of this compilation of texts to create dictations that pose a challenge for students. Time to see two well-known book excerpts. Read them slowly making a short stop at the commas and a longer stop at the periods so that they can be written in their notebook as such.

10. Juan José Millás. 'The disorder of your name'.

That Sunday Laura woke up at six in the morning. Her husband slept heavily next to her; so he rose carefully and slid his feet to the ground, where strategically placed slippers awaited him. The house was cold.

But she had a few hours of freedom until Inés and Carlos woke up and decided to get up. She put on a thick robe and after routinely observing her daughter's sleep, she came to the living room, from where she watched an urban sunrise, the impressions of which she memorized to later transfer to her journal.

11. Arthur Conan Doyle. 'The baskerville's hound'

From somewhere in the heart of that white sea that continued to slide a light and continuous drumming came to us. The fog was fifty meters from our hiding place and the three of us looked at it without knowing what horror was about to erupt from its entrails. I was standing next to Holmes and I turned to him for a moment. I saw him pale and elated, his eyes shining in the moonlight. Suddenly, however, his gaze took on a strange fixity and amazement made him open his mouth. Lestrade also let out a cry of terror and threw himself flat on the ground.

Challenging dictations will become your students' favorites! You dare?

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