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This is a day of a baby with a Mother of Day

This is a day of a baby with a Mother of Day

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Our first months as mothers are a litmus test to adapt to the new situation: meet our baby, identify his needs, meet his demands, re-know ourselves as mothers, position ourselves as a family ... When little by little it seems that we are adapting to the new situation, we have to get back to work. And again the circumstances change and our emotions stir. Grandparents, nursery school or, why not, a Day Mother. Do you want to know what this figure really is? How is a journey of a baby with a Mother of Day? After reading it, you may rethink who you will leave your little one with after your maternity leave.

Because leaving our baby in the arms of someone else is not easy. Even, in the best of cases, even if it is a close relative (grandmothers, mainly). If we do not have that possibility, the majority option is to enroll the child in a nursery school, but it is not the only one. There is another figure, it is increasingly known: the Mother of Day, who will be like an intermediate option between a personal caregiver and a school.

The Day Mother is a person trained in pedagogy, early childhood education, childcare or similar, who welcomes 4 children from 0 to 3 years old to take care of them during the time equivalent to the school day. Although the term is feminine, it is a profession also open to men, but they are a minority for now.

In our environment it is a figure that is making its way, but in European countries it has already been established for a long time, regulated and there is even an official training to act as Mother of the Day. Other terms that could be used are Casas Nido, Casa-cole or Friendly houses.

The space in which the little ones coexist is a small home adapted to their needs: short and safe furniture, with toys at the height of the little ones, adapted to their different ages, mirrors in which to look at themselves, bars to take the first steps ...

The routine in the house is usually the "non-routine", since being such a small group allows adapting to the rhythms of each one individually. Even so, there are certain activities that are usually repeated: welcome, breakfast, going to the park, lunch or nap, but always respecting what each baby needs.

Some can sleep during the walk, another before lunch, one does not eat breakfast, another asks for more ... That is, their needs are met by respecting the rhythms of each child and trying to adapt the food or sleep routines without haste or rigid schedules.

The Mothers of the Day are usually also trained in alternative pedagogies, which is why free movement, experimentation, non-directed play, etc. are promoted. They also have other complementary training, such as first aid or food handling, since they themselves prepare the menu in the house and offer it to the kids.

Mealtime is also a time for learning, for experimentation, for pleasure! That is why it is important not to be in a hurry or force the little ones to eat more than they need, and that is something that Day Mothers know and respect.

Another important moment is that of rest. In the house there will be a separate space to facilitate the sleep of the little ones. Everyone has their own bed or crib, and they learn to respect the dreams of their companions. Each one at their own pace, each as they need: in their arms, with a pacifier, in the baby carrier ... The personalized attention that mothers provide during the day makes it possible to respect the individual needs of babies.

In the end, a very close bond is established between babies and their mothers during the day, and also with families: a small tribe is built, in which the children are the link, but which can be extended when they grow up and become support for all parenting. And that is the most beautiful of all!

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