14 very useful short dictations to review with children in summer

14 very useful short dictations to review with children in summer

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Thematic dictation exercises are one of the favorites of boys and girls because, when dealing with a topic that interests them, their attention is captured as if by magic. On this occasion we propose some short dictations that talk about the holidays, the heat, the pool ... they are great for review with the children in summer everything they have learned during the school year.

We will start with some dictations that I have prepared myself to do with my son at home. With them, primary school students can revise the grammar rules seen in the language class. Specifically, they are designed to deepen the correct use of 'h', 'gue', 'gui', hyphens within a text and punctuation marks as well as accents.

We will continue with some thematic short phrases of famous authors. You can take the opportunity to tell them some anecdote about its author. And we will finish this compilation with some poems, perfect for checking spelling and for illustrating on the back of the page. Let's see them!

1. The sun, right in the highest part of the sky, was heating up with all its force, so the animals of the savannah had no choice but to seek shelter under a large tree. The lions were getting ready to take one of their endless naps, the tigers finished their meal and the sloths, who this time had little laziness, busied themselves with filling their water jars before the sun completely dried up the only pond they had ever seen. the date had survived. And so another peaceful summer day passed in the jungle.

2. They arrive Summer holidays so Cat, Dog and Duck are talking about what they are going to do during those days:

"I'm going to go to the mountains with my father," said Pato with a smiling face.

"Well, I'm going to spend a whole month at my cousins' house," Dog said somewhat shyly.

"Cat, what are you going to do?" Asked Duck.

"Well, the truth is that I don't know," he answered.

When they got home, Gato told his parents what his friends were going to do on vacation.

"What are we going to do?" Cat asked his mother.

-Well this summer we are not going anywhere on vacation- The mother answered and, as she saw her son's disgusted face, she added - Don't worry, we'll all have a great time as a family.

3. Carlota, Roberto's friend, wanted to buy an ice cream to cool off and better cope with the heat. But there was a problem: I also wanted to go to the pool And I knew they don't let you in with food there. He would have to make a quick decision. Ice cream or pool? How difficult to decide!

4. Summer vacations are for resting, playing a lot, reading and also learning new things. This summer I want to learn to play the guitar and swim in the pool without cuffs. I'm sure I get it because my parents will be there to help me. How exciting!

5. In summer, I take the opportunity to do the things I like the most. I go down to the beach, I go to the swimming pool, I read the books I like the most, I walk in the mountains, I play a lot with my parents ... What do you like to do on vacation?

6. Every summer, my grandfather Luis tells me about your childhood vacation. I used to go to Córdoba with the whole family. What he remembers most fondly are dinners all together on the terrace. I also want to go to Córdoba!

When preparing the dictation you can, for example, do one of the dictations that we have just seen and one of these sentences, or put two three sentences together to make the exercise more complete. Remember ccorrect the text with the student in front and to explain all your doubts.

7. 'Summer is always better than it could be.' Charles Bowden.

8. 'There will be an eternal summer in the grateful heart.' Celia Thaxter.

9. 'The silence was green, the light was wet, the month of June trembled like a butterfly.' Pablo Neruda.

10. 'Happiness consists of living each day as if it were the first day of your honeymoon and the last day of your vacation.' Leo Tolstoy.

11. 'A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, the birds are singing and the lawnmower breaks down.' James Dent.

It is now the turn of the poems. These fragments that talk about summer will serve to delve into grammar and to work on memory and concentration. As an exercise for another occasion, you can Suggest that the children write a poem about summer themselves. You will see what most beautiful works of art!

12. 'Summer', by Gabriela Mistral

Summer, summer king,

of the incandescent embrace,

I know for the reapers

Oven owner! More lenient.

Lowered and folded

on its poor ears,

they already faint. You're the boss

a wind of friendly wings!

Summer, the earth scorches:

call your sun up there;

call your grenade open;

and the reaper, a living flame.

Lives are tired

of producing abundant

and the river runs away

of your fiery punishment.

13. 'July', by Manuel Machado

Betis street. Triana.

penetrates the chill

from the chattering fountain.

The Evening of Santa Ana

the river fills with music.

With Rocío's eyes

the window lights up.

Of envy, seeing her, a star,

in the endless heights,

shuddering shines.

And it turns off when she

comes out wrapped in the garden

of his Manila shawl.

14. 'Summer night', by Antonio Machado

It's a beautiful summer night.

They have the tall houses

the balconies open

from the old town to the wide plaza.

In the wide deserted rectangle,

stone benches, jerónimos and acacias

symmetrical draw

their black shadows on the white sand.

At the zenith, the moon, and on the tower,

the illuminated clock face.

I in this old town walking

Alone like a ghost

Thematic dictations are perfect for summer review!

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