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The definitive decalogue to educate happy children as happy parents

The definitive decalogue to educate happy children as happy parents

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If you are going to be a father or mother soon, it is important that you have clear certain educational guidelines to follow for the education of your child. There will be many situations that will arise and you will not know what to do, therefore, it is important that you give thought to these guidelines that you can adapt to your language and / or beliefs. That is why in our site We offer you a decalogue with different issues that you have to reflect on if you want to educate happy children (while also being happy parents).

1. Be clear about what type of education you are looking for
The most important thing for the education of our children is that the educational guidelines to be given are clear, concise and adapted to the child's age.

2. Setting limits is loving our children
Children need limits and rules to grow up happy. The key is to find the balance point. We cannot be too strict as to prevent our children from expressing their spontaneity, nor so permissive that they do not know how to share with other people.

3. When you want to exercise authority, remember that you must reason
Negotiating is a skill that as parents we have to learn. Many try to be right by force, however, I believe that we must learn to give good reasons and to negotiate them.

4. Educating by example is essential
The values ​​at home must be known to all and of course, as parents, we must be the example to follow. Therefore, I invite you to become the role model for your son. A good way to achieve this is by practicing some dynamics to transmit the values ​​that you consider most important.

5. Encourage curiosity and learning
As parents we want to answer everything our children ask us, however, it is good to make them understand that knowledge is expandable and that we do not have the answer to everything. Accompany them to continue being curious and eager to learn.

6. Trade punishments for consequences
Instead of punishment, talk about consequences when the previously agreed between both is not fulfilled. If you want, you can make a list of attitudes or compartments with it that will have consequences and expose it to everyone at home.

7. Avoid comparative grievances between children
Each one is as he is and you have to know how to respect everyone. Stop comparing children with their siblings or even with the children of friends or you know, you manage to give them their space so that they can express themselves as they are.

8. Educate or teach?
It is not about teaching our children what to do or not, but about educating so that they know how to act in any of the possible circumstances. Educate them so that they know how to discern and that this makes them happy.

9. Spend a lot of time with your children
Children grow up feeling that they are not important to their parents. And the affective deficiency has consequences such as low self-esteem, reduced self-confidence or sadness. Therefore, we must be aware that spending quality time with our children (although it is complicated many times) is love for them. It is the best way to give your children the importance they have in your life. And, you know, educating takes time.

10. And furthermore ...
Do not forget to keep in mind that a good example is better than a hundred pieces of advice.

Remember that the best parents are not those who provide all the whims of their children, but those who are happy, being the best role model for their children. Our children do not want perfect parents, but happy ones.

And finally, keep in mind that whoever does what they can, is not obliged to do more. We will not know if we are good parents or not, until our kids grow up and let us know. In the meantime, leave your conscience clear each night, doing what you know in the best way possible.

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