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Dessert ideas to sweeten All Saints' Day

Dessert ideas to sweeten All Saints' Day

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It is very common in many families who follow the Catholic tradition of the All Saints DayThat people gather to go to the cemetery to pay a visit to the grave of a relative or friend, although this festival is more than a tribute to the dead. It can be the perfect day to gather family and friends, and taste the traditional desserts so marked for this date.

For this day, each country has its own preferences regarding the cake shop. In Spain, Fritters, the Bones of saints and the steep they are the most traditional and popular desserts. In addition, they are very easy to prepare sweets and their result is very exquisite.

Here we present 3 of the typical and most traditional desserts of All Saints Day, the feast of the first day of November.

- The wind fritters
They are a softer, lighter and cheaper dessert. Before, they called it wind fritters because they were not filled with anything, no cream. Over the years, donuts became filled with different flavors. The dough for the fritters is made only of sugar and flour, and its filling can vary: chocolate, truffle, pastry cream or any other flavor that you like.

- The empiñonadas or panellets
As they are often called in Catalonia, they are made of sugar, pine nuts, lemon and egg. Like bones or donuts, they are small cakes, with an exquisite flavor, very traditional for the time.

Its preparation is simple and fast and is usually done by mixing ground almonds, sugar, lemon zest and egg yolks. The balls do not need to be roasted or fried. It is enough to pass them through beaten egg white and then in whole pine nuts. If you have not tried these desserts yet, I recommend that you do so. It is a good way to sweeten a tradition.

- Santo's bones
If there is a very traditional All Saints Day sweet, those are the saint's bones, which are made from a marzipan dough. As its name says, it has a definite shape of a 'bone', they arecanutillos made of marzipan, coated in syrup.

Its filling is usually a mass of yolk candy, although with the passage of time they have diversified. Today it can also be found filled with chocolate, truffle or even fruits such as coconut, banana or strawberries.

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