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How is week 6 of the baby in mom's gut

How is week 6 of the baby in mom's gut

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In this week we could say that you have already confirmed the news of your pregnancy and that you carry in your belly a treasure that you must take care of and protect for a few more weeks. These days will be a lot of thinking, imagining, perhaps of being scared but at the same time excited, that is, a mixture of mixed feelings that sometimes will be a bit difficult for you to handle: fears, joys, doubts and the uncertainty of what the 6th week of baby in mommy's gut. How long will it take? How long will it be? Will it have developed an organ? We will tell you all!

Although you still do not feel many changes in your exterior, in your baby many changes are occurring rapidly. Although it is still very small, since it measures approximately 2 to 3 millimeters and weighs almost 1 gram; In addition, the divisions of his head and body are beginning to be noticed much more.

At the level of the face, it begins to outline where the eyes, nose, mouth and ears will be located, and its head is larger than its body, comparing it in size with a small screw. It is actually a key week in its development, where anda can be differentiated between the head and the body.

Small folds will emerge from his head that will form the cheeks, jaw and chin, beginning to outline his face and giving the facial characteristics of each baby as the weeks pass. On his face we can see the holes where the eyes will develop, the nose looks like a bulge that protrudes and his ears, on the contrary, sink to form the entire internal structure of the same. And although you may not believe it, the tongue and the vocal cords are already formed this week.

At the level of its body, small bumps are seen, where arms and legs will develop, but despite not being developed yet, this week they will begin to move. Your heartbeat will become more noticeable and your heart rate faster (80 beats per minute), to start sending blood throughout your body. Your heart will divide into 4 primitive chambers.

The lungs, which were shaped like individual tubes, will transform into structures that resemble sacs and will continue to develop until they are perfectly formed, before the baby is born.

Other structures and organs such as bones, intestines, liver and kidneys are also taking shape during this sixth week. And something very important this week is that the neural tube, from where the brain and nervous system will develop, begins to close on what will be the spinal cord of your son or daughter.

As for breaking the news to the family, that decision is up to you, but it is usually better wait to confirm that the risk of a probable miscarriage is no longer latent. For this I suggest you talk to your gynecologist and that he advise you on this point.

Already the physical, metabolic and hormonal changes that may appear in week 5 begin to become more noticeable in this period:

- You will remain as tired, somewhat fatigued and your emotional state will be very variable, to the point that you will go from joy to tears very easily and you will remain very sensitive. All this for hormonal effect and also for the new news that in a few months you will be a brand new mother. All this fills you with joys, anguish and uncertainties, which is completely normal and, I will tell you, that we all go through this.

- The belly will feel something bigger, already many pants will begin to feel tighter.

- The most sensitive and turgid breasts, to the point that your usual bras can bother you.

- Nausea and vomiting, especially in the morning, They will be more present and intolerance to certain foods will be very frequent, to the point that instead of gaining weight it can lead to weight loss.

- The feeling and urge to urinate frequently will appear this sixth weeka, due to increased blood flow to the pelvic area and increased size of the uterus. Also, the kidneys will increase the excretion of waste from the body.

- You may experience constipation, by effect of the increase of the progesterone hormone.

Think positive, everything will work out very well. Your baby will be born healthy and strong. Remember that if you stress, everything gets complicated. Stay cute, groomed, and looking good. I know you may be feeling something wrong, but the glamor, not to be lost. Regarding food:

- Eat five meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks), balanced and with mainly vegetables, fruits and vegetables.

- Avoid fried foods and highly seasoned foods, on the issue of gastric discomfort.

- Have snack foods near the bed so that you don't wake up with an empty stomach and that causes morning sickness and vomiting.

- Eat high-fiber foods and fruits to avoid constipation.

- Avoid consuming unpasteurized dairy products due to the risk of contracting a bacterium called lifteria that produces malformations in the fetus.

- Reduce the consumption of salt and sugar, this way you will not retain fluids and there will be no risks of high blood pressure and excessive weight gain. (Ideally, an increase of 12 kilos during pregnancy).

- Drink enough water, at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Remember that it is very important that you carry out your monthly pregnancy control and follow the instructions of your gynecologist or obstetrician, who will surely indicate vitamins necessary for the proper development, formation and growth of your baby, especially folic acid, vital for the development of the central nervous system, as well as vaccines necessary to prevent diseases.

And, last but not least, enjoy your pregnancy and take good care of yourself so that it comes to a happy term.

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