What makes girls consider themselves less intelligent than boys

What makes girls consider themselves less intelligent than boys

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Do you know what the dream gap is or also known as 'dream gap'? It is the gender gap that exists between girls and their intellectual potential. According to a study, from the age of five, girls are considered less intelligent than boysThey begin to doubt their own abilities and do not trust that one day they will be engineers, scientists or company directors. And why is this happening? Because of gender stereotypes, because of false beliefs, because of the reflection of the world they see or because they are three times less likely to get a scientific toy as a gift than boys

Different researches from Princeton University, New York University and Illinois University agree that at such an early age girls find greater limitations than boys when it comes to considering themselves intelligent, and as a result they begin to lose confidence in themselves They think, for example, that they are worse at math than children. Why does this occur? Simply society invisibly makes them see that they have to be relegated to other tasks.

Cultural stereotypes, gender differences and what they see on TV without realizing it is influencing their minds. Let's reflect on this through some examples:

- Girls are told traditional tales in which they are not proactive protagonists, but rather their work is based on waiting for the boy to save them.

- Girls are bought toys that perpetuate the role of caregiver, such as babies, bottles, kitchenettes and irons, whereas boys are not.

- Girls are enrolled in ballet and boys in robotics.

- Reggaeton launches messages in which the boy exercises a dominating role over the girl.

- Advertisements and magazines make them see that they have to worry a lot about their physical appearance and always be beautiful.

- Social networks and influencers publish idyllic photographs in which they come out with beauty filters.

- In the books they see at school, only 7.5% of the references that appear are women, the rest are men.

- In the news also see more expert men than women.

- In the EU, 79% of women cook and / or carry out household chores on a daily basis, compared to 34% of men, and our daughters are seeing this thinking that it is normal.

- In engineering, the percentage of women does not reach 24%.

- In the computer science career there are only 11% girls.

- Less than 29% of technology jobs are held by women.

- Only 9% of senior positions are women.

- Other adults make comments such as: "That is not a girl thing."

As parents, we must encourage our girls to fight for what they want, to be encouraged to study STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), to enroll in programming classes, for example, which will be a differential value in the future.

We must raise awareness about the unconscious gender biases and stereotypes found in their early infancy in the media and in society.

We have to show them movies where women are the protagonists, tell them about women referents in history, science or art.

We have to point them to extracurricular activities related to technology or encourage them to study any type of career, always with respect, of course.

And the most important, we have to lead by example. At home, when the tasks are divided, there must be co-responsibility in the adjudication of housework.

We must chat with them so that they overcome those limiting beliefs. That girls do not give up being what they want to be! Encourage your daughters to pursue their dreams!

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