Games between dad and his children

Games between dad and his children

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23 proposals and ideas of activities for the father to play and have fun with the children


Recovering outdoor games is essential in these times where more and more children play indoors with consoles or computers. Therefore, enjoying a weekend in contact with nature is a unique experience. Kids will love an activity like fishing with daddy, it will test their patience and it will be a real discovery.

Dad was also a child who liked to play in the street, climb trees, discover nature ... No one better than him to teach his children fun activities outdoors.

Spending time in the kitchen between parents and children making a cake, cookies or a starter can be a lot of fun. It is about playing, learning and educating through the art of cooking.

Sometimes you don't need big things to have a fun and special time between parents and children. Just put on a little music to play singing and dancing. It may even be the children themselves who teach their parents.

Sometimes the time parents spend with their children is measured in minutes, when it is not always the amount of time that matters but the quality. A good time even if it is small playing, for example, pillow fight, will put a big smile on the children's faces.

A balloon fight, jumping a sprinkler on, getting wet with the hose ... Children love water games and in summer they are also refreshing and fun.

Children love to climb on Daddy's back like a horse. A really fun time to play the hooligan between father and son and laugh together. Getting a smile out of a child is ultimately one of the goals of parent-child games.

Dad can turn into a great airplane, he just has to lift the child on his shoulders and run imitating the sound of an airplane. The smile on our children's faces is guaranteed and they will ask for more and more.

If you don't have any karaoke game, you can use all the songs of our mascot, the Ragged Bear. You just have to sit in front of the computer, clarify your voices, and sing the father and the children together. Fun is assured.

Dad can be a great bike teacher for kids. With his strength he can grasp the bike from behind while the child is pedaling and gradually release his hands until the little one gains stability. The smile of the child when he manages to pedal by himself will fill the father with pride.

A very special moment between parents and their children can be before going to sleep. Opening a story and reading it aloud while the child imagines all the stories that the father tells is a tender and special moment that the children will always remember.

Water games with dad can be a lot of fun: pump jumping, splashing water, swimming races, or using his body like a boat. Children enjoy the pool, and if it is playing with dad, much more.

When the child is small, he does not have enough dexterity to hold on to the swing alone, he needs the help of his parents. The father can become a soft and comfortable seat on which the child will feel safe swinging until he can do it alone and the father can push him up and down.

The games in the river or in the lakes, always have to be very well supervised by dad to avoid dangers, but a hot summer day can be more refreshing playing with dad to jump, jump or splash in the water.

Hopscotch or truque is a traditional game already played by moms and dads when they were young. It is an ideal activity to carry out outdoors and to put into practice the skills of dad and children to lame.

The construction games stimulate the creativity and the ingenuity of the child, in addition they help him to improve the motor coordination. Dad can be an excellent site manager in building a parts tower, castle, or fort.

Singing is a great way to face things with good humor, as well as being a good way to learn and grow. Dads can teach songs or play songs with gestures and have a good time as a family.

It is a tender and beautiful scene where the father builds a sand castle, a fortress or a wall on the beach for his children. Children love to play on the seashore, it is a great time to share a time between father and son.

Kids will love making tea with pastries, a cocoa muffin, or any other tasty snack ... and make-believe for dad. Preparing the table, cups and plates is very important for an event of this category. Ah, Dad must not forget to tell the children how good everything was.

An old trick that parents use a lot to help their children eat is to make them believe that they will eat their food. If you are a desperate dad because your son eats badly, try the game of 'I'm going to eat your food' and, if the boy doesn't eat, at least he will have laughed.

To play hide and seek we do not need to buy anything, it is a game of a lifetime, that does not cost money and that provides great moments of fun. The child will love searching and finally finding his father.

With diving goggles, dad and his children can spend great time discovering the seabed. Some colored stones, an alga, a hedgehog or some shells will be the treasures that the explorer dad and the little adventurers can find while diving.

Flying a kite is a classic game played by children of all generations. No one better than dad, to teach his children to fly, turn, move or run after her. An ideal game for a perfect day in the country with the family.

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