New app available on the Play Store for Android

New app available on the Play Store for Android

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Would you like to have all the contents of our site at your fingertips? You are in luck! The new app on our site is now available in your Play Store for Android. From now on you will be able to see, on your mobile or cell phone, all the videos from our site, for parents and educators.

What are you waiting for to download it, take it wherever you want and consult it at any time of the day?

Welcome to the new app on our site for Android! An opportunity to access all the videos with the contents of the digital magazine of reference in the world of pregnancy and the education and health of children, in their early childhood.

The app from our site It is designed and thought for all those parents who are looking for educational and leisure resources for their children, as well as answers for some of the daily problems that arise in raising their children. And it is that, unfortunately, it is already known that children do not come with an instruction manual under their arm.

For this, the app from our site It has four sections:

- Vlogs respond
In this section, in addition to providing ideas to educate children on values ​​such as gratitude or for them to learn the multiplication table in a fun way, we also talk about that stage prior to the arrival of the children, pregnancy. And, something that the little ones will love and that you can show them, how chicks are born or what dolphins feed on.

- Tricks for mothers and fathers in distress
Who said parenting was easy? Lie! Therefore, from the app from our site We want to give you a hand with explanatory videos on how to remove a child's diaper, the best formula to say goodbye forever to lice or the most common mistakes we make when recycling.

- Parents school
Referents in the world of education - pedagogues, psychologists, educational coaches - come together in this application to guide parents on the path to their great goal: the happiness of their children above anything else. Thus, in this section, you will have at your disposal videos on how to gain the trust of children little by little, how to handle the frustration of children or how to use "No" in a positive way.

- Fun school
And finally, in our app you will find this section that wants to put the comic note to this of raising and educating children. Because what would life be without a little humor? Do not miss the crazy and carefree videos with the best tricks to memorize and recite impossible tongue twisters, to guess the secret number that the other is thinking or to write well that letter that is so difficult for children to learn because it is very discreet: H. It will be your children's favorite (and yours)!

You just have to enter your Play Store, enter Guiainfantil in the search engine and install it. Never before has it been so easy to access the best education and pregnancy content! This action can be carried out both from your Android mobile and from your tablet or, if you wish, from both.

From our app, we want to accompany you and make your life easier in this exciting world of fatherhood and motherhood!

The Android universe is not the only one from which you can discard the new App from our site. Do you want to know where other Markets Place you can find this application?

- Available on Iphone
If you have an iphone you can also download the mobile application from our site. It is also available for Ipdad and of course for Apple TV.

- Download it on Amazon
All the contents of education and childcare are also available in the Amazon Market Place. What are you waiting to enjoy them?

- our site also Roku
Do you know the Roku platform? From it you can also download our video app for free.

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