6 tips to live Christmas with children without stress

Christmas is coming! For some of us, it can be a time of stress, pressure, sadness, or even a time of conflict with the family. But this year ... the bad feelings and experiences are over! We give you the best tips for living Christmas with children without stress and with great joy.

It is possible that we will not be able to live these dates without feeling overwhelmed by excesses, or with too many expectations, or with a lack of enthusiasm ... But however you live it, I ask myself: And how do your children experience it? What are you transmitting to him with the arrival of this time if you are not living it happily?

Our children, as good imitators and followers of their models, that is, of their parents, will live it with the same perception of how you are feeling ... So, this article is, so that Learn to avoid the stress of this time for your children.

1. Plan and organize
There is time for everything that the family proposes, but not for everything that the holidays offer us. So, you have to choose moments of activities and rest to similar parts so that these days are as balanced as possible.

2. Family consensus
If you are going to share time with your children, remember to include them when choosing activities. Make them participate equally in the election of them.

3. You are the important thing
Do not focus so much on others and think about what your family unit wants to live. We cannot please everyone, therefore, think of yourself first to decide whether or not to do any activity, task, visit, or purchase. Then share with your family and, if you have time, with other people or family members.

4. Share responsibilities
Remember also that it is not time to show your perfection. Delegate if necessary, ask for help and do what you decide to do in a responsible way, but without demands and, much less, with perfection.

5. Everything, in its own time!
Keep in mind that the child anxiety it may be due to fear. If children are very young at Christmas, they may be afraid of some situation, person, animals, environments; therefore, accompany your children in what they live and experience without forcing. Don't impose new situations on them if they don't want to or aren't ready for them. Fears that are not overcome naturally can lead to anxiety situations.

6. Breathing corner
And finally, create an atmosphere of tranquility that is your 'breathing corner'. You can go to him when you feel that you lose control of certain situations. So before Christmas, Prepare it! Explain that you will come to him when you feel stressed. In it, you can take different breaths, to feel better and regain energy to face the illusions and positive emotions that Christmas hides.

Are you ready to live an unforgettable Christmas?

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