6 magic tricks to convey the Christmas spirit to children

6 magic tricks to convey the Christmas spirit to children

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Christmas is a magical time. The cities are dressed with lights, the illusion is breathed in the air, the soundtrack of each day is the choirs of children singing Christmas carols ... Faced with such a Christmas atmosphere, it seems difficult not to get excited about Christmas, right?

However, there are children who are unable to absorb the spirit of these dates. In fact, many are just waiting the arrival of Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men to get a new mobile.

Parents are partly to blame for this situation. I have often wondered if I have been able to convey the magical feeling of Christmas to children. So much movement with the preparations for the dinners, the costumes for the school Christmas parties, the gift lists etc. It seems to leave no room for magic. But, yes you can. And in we have collected some tricks full of illusion for you to get transmit the Christmas spirit to children.

There are people who love Christmas and others who hate it; it is a fact that must be accepted and tolerated. And as with adults, some children also feel severely displaced during the Christmas season and there is no reason to force them to like it.

However, try transmit to your children the Christmas spirit it goes beyond the Christmas tree or Santa Claus. When we refer to this magical sensation that overwhelms many of us at the end of the year, we speak of values ​​and feeling. It is about explaining to our children that Christmas is much more than gifts and consumerism. They are a period of generosity, of kindness, of dedication to the people you love, of spending more time with the family, of being a little more supportive, of reflecting on our behaviors ...

Transmitting some behavioral values ​​to children is essential for their future. A child who knows the importance of respecting others will be a caring adult, with a better coexistence and who will feel satisfied with himself. And Christmas is the perfect excuse to talk to children about all these moral behaviors.

Although children cannot be forced to be excited about Christmas, there are small gestures that we can carry out at home that will allow them to discover how wonderful the Christmas period can be.

1. The example of excited parents
If you want your children to have a Christmas spirit, they must grow up in an environment conducive to it. If you do not feel Christmas (and we repeat, there is nothing wrong with it), most likely your children will not get excited about it either. However, if they see on your face how excited you are for Christmas Eve, their desire to celebrate it will increase.

2. Establish a family tradition
Christmas is also a time of traditions. Establishing a nice family custom that takes place at Christmas will make children feel more involved. It does not have to be a luxurious tradition, they can be activities as simple as singing the same Christmas carol every year when the tree is put down, going to visit grandparents on Christmas Eve morning, taking a trip to the Christmas markets in the city, preparing cookies to leave for Santa Claus ...

3. Decorate the house at Christmas always as a family
For the Christmas spirit to reach every corner of your house, you have to decorate it. Suggest that your children do some crafts that serve as ornaments for the home and, once finished, put them together as a family (ideally with some Christmas carols in the background). In this way, you will forge a very special bond and the child will associate Christmas with seeing his family together and happy.

4. Carry Christmas songs in the car ... and sing them together!
It is common for children to sing Christmas carols at school, but we can also sing them with them at home, and even dance them.

5. Get excited about Christmas movies together
Christmas movies for children talk about values ​​and beautiful stories that take place during the Christmas period. Although some children like to see them throughout the year, there is no better time to enjoy them as a family.

6. Try not to overwhelm the children with Christmas
Among all these tricks to transmit the Christmas spirit to your children, you cannot forget this one: do not saturate your children with Christmas! Overloading your day-to-day with garlands and Christmas carols, no matter how much Christmas illusion you have, is not recommended because they may end up hating it. Always in the right measure!

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