10 exercises for children to overcome stuttering

If we suspect that our child has a speech disorder, the first thing we have to do is stop to observe. When does the child stutter? In what situations? who is there? Is it a behavior that is repeated continuously, or that it only appears in isolated moments?

It is necessary to know when, where, how and with whom it occurs, to be able to establish the why, the cause of such stuttering. In many cases there is a genetic predisposition to stuttering, so it is advisable to find out if any of the parents had this problem in childhood.

Another fundamental point to take into account is the age of the child, since there is a evolutionary stuttering that appears around the age of 3 or 4 age in which the child tends to repeat words, or sometimes 'gets stuck' and does not know how to continue. If, on the other hand, our child is over 5 years old and stuttering continues or has increased, it is advisable to ask for help and assess the problem in order to initiate an intervention.

Once we have observed the problem, it is important that parents:

1. Do not finish the child's sentences. You have to learn to speak for yourself so that you can see that you can face the problem and emerge victorious from it.

2. Don't pick on him, get angry or belittle him when this problem occurs.

3. Do not interrupt, let him finish the sentences. You can encourage him to finish with words of encouragement or a smile.

4. Record him when he speaks slowly and when he speaks fast, so that he can hear himself and begin to see the differences.

5. Sing with him and record him again so that he can be heard and see that when he sings he does not stutter. Explain that this happens because singing "manages" better the amount of air to expel.

6. Work with the child diaphragmatic breathing (learn to take a deep breath in which the air reaches the diaphragm or the gut).

7. Do blowing exercises, such as blowing up balloons, blowing candles, blowing with straws ... in this way we will be able to strengthen the speaking organs.

8. Lengthen vowels when speaking. This especially we can do while the child reads.

9. Work the word shiftFor example, parents start a sentence, stop and ask the child to finish it.

10. Control the child's anxiety behaviors. Work with him the fear of stuttering.

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