The importance of looking your children in the eye

All our lives we have heard from our fathers and mothers, teachers, and adult references: "Look at my face, look into my eyes". Although, as a child I did not understand well what it was that had to cause me to look another person in the eye, as I have become an adult, in my profession and life, I have understood it perfectly, and now I know how far it goes the importance of looking your children in the eye and to others.

By taking this action in my classroom, for example, I am making sure that all my students feel integrated and invited to the class, and that they are paying attention. For this reason, I recommend to those who have to give a conference or presentation, that before starting their presentation sweep your eyes 180 degrees across the room. This will show your listeners that you are sure of what you are talking about, and will be an essential component in achieving the desired effect.

But what about you to you? And in the face to face? ... In short distances, looking into the eyes when we speak is fundamental, even necessary for life in society and, therefore, to achieve success in life for various reasons.

1. Security and trust. You convey security, honesty, transparency. Looking directly into their eyes indicates that you are not afraid that they will see yours or you.

2. You pay attention to what they are saying to you. If you have noticed, when two people are talking, the speaker usually looks away to concentrate on what he is saying. The same happens when remembering or imagining, people tend to look to the side. We must look our interlocutor in the eye to convey what we want to say and the intention of what we say, even if we lose accuracy in the message.

3. There are looks that kill. Many times the look says it all. Before a look that intimidates in a conversation you can look at the other's eyebrows. The person will not notice and they will continue to have a pleasant conversation.

4. Focus. In general, not looking into the eyes, looking away when we are talking to someone, is not pleasant. It generates distrust or rejection. It shows that we are not paying attention. If we do not look at the other we are showing that we are not interested, that we are thinking about something else. Although we are aware of what he says, the other receives it as inattention, and also, we can make our interlocutor doubt the veracity of our words.

Here are some points to consider regarding the look of the most important family relationships.

1. In the couple. Looking into the eyes is essential, show sincerity and love towards your partner. You make him feel that he cares about you. Whether you are talking about an important issue in your life or when you are talking about issues related to your partner, or more banal, it is essential to look at each other.

2. With the children. It is inevitable to see how parents constantly check their mobile phone while their children talk to them. With gestural language we are conveying to them that we care more about the phone than what they have to tell us, and that is unfortunate. We may be busy but it is necessary, if children ask us something, look at them and respond.

To end, They say that the eyes are the window of the soul. They are what allows us to know the world. In addition, in human relationships they allow us to observe the other but also to express with our eyes beyond words.

Looking into my eyes we transmit our emotions and thoughts. In this way we achieve a more complete communication. We say what we want to say and convey the emotion with which we say it.

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