The mother most criticized for buying 350 Christmas gifts for her children

Emma is the mother of three children. So far, it may seem normal to us. But Emma topping she has become famous for something else. One fine day he surprised everyone with the photograph of a Christmas tree buried in a mountain of gifts.

In total, there were 87 gifts, that she showed proud. 1700 euros had been spent. And yet criticism began to pour in from everywhere. How did Emma answer all these criticisms? Increasing the number of gifts! This is the result.

A year after harsh criticism of her 'Christmas philosophy', this 28-year-old British woman responds with another photograph: This time the mountain buries the Christmas tree with ... 350 gifts! Even more gifts. More expenses. A total of 2300 euros. She proudly comments on the following:

'Another hard year of saving and planning. Another year in which my family makes me proud every day. They deserve the best Christmas. I know I have many enemies but this will not change the way I celebrate Christmas. '

Total, each child will receive more than 90 gifts. They are all cheap gifts. And not all of them are toys, but also clothes and school supplies. But what is surprising is not so much what is spent on them, but the number of packages that each child will receive. Criticism, of course, was not long in coming. Poor children! 'Say many of them. 'He does not know the evil he does by indulging them so much.' Many others, on the other hand, defended it. "Why can't he do what he wants with his money?" They say.

This mother says that during the year, her children do not receive a single gift. So concentrates them all at Christmas.

Yes, Emma's children will be able to boast before the rest of friends and schoolmates. They will think they are the happiest children. Your eyes will immediately light up when you see the tree surrounded by hundreds of gifts. They will think that there cannot be a better mother in the world. But ... what will happen in the future?

- Lack of motivation towards effort
If you give everything the child asks for and grant all his wishes, he will think that everything is easy to get, that it is enough to ask for it. What will happen when you grow up and meet him, things really take dedication and effort?

- Low tolerance to frustration
When a child receives everything he wants and everything he asks for, he imagines that the world will always give him what he wants. What will happen when things don't go your way? Will you be able to cope with the frustration that ensues?

- More whimsical
The more a child has, the more he wants. These children actually become more fickle and anxious.

- Tendency to depression
The loss of values ​​such as effort and perseverance, and the fact of giving so much importance to material goods, leads to an inner emptiness that in the future, can cause many emotional problems.

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