5 tricks so that the teacher does not lose patience

5 tricks so that the teacher does not lose patience

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Going back to school is a time to meet again, to share the experiences of the vacation period, to observe the changes that our students have made, it is time to realize that we have almost ten wonderful long months ahead of work

Being aware of all this is essential, and not only at the beginning of the year, but each and every day in which we have in front of us those faces, faces in some cases, who expect from us ... a lot of patience! We offer you a series of tips or tricks so that the teacher does not lose patience with his students.

Why does a teacher, a teacher, a professor, lose patience? What would you answer? When you are tired and tired and also have not “obeyed” you in about thirty minutes, when you consider that the noise level is excessive, when a student gave you an answer that for you was inappropriate .. Well, it is legitimate to lose patience, of course; Another thing is what we do and how we act when we lose that patience.

We are people, human persons, and we are references of our students, that is why we must make ourselves look at how we respond to our rage and anger, in front of them.

Day to day in the classroom can be very hard. Life at school can turn into sheer exhaustion: the hustle and bustle of day-to-day classes, meetings, tutorials, preparing materials, carrying out schedules, patios, dining rooms ... in addition to the viruses we live with, the moments and circumstances in Those of us who let out a version of ourselves that we don't like… So, that's our life and we are responsible for it and not victims, important fact. We have the profession that we have chosen and that is tremendously spectacular.

Perhaps we should ask Holy Job how he did it, but since that is not possible, here are some tips so that you can take into account:

1. It is important to observe how many times a day or a week do we lose patience, and where we place our level to “jump” with a shout, with a threat, with an inappropriate sanction, and all this is the result of our own anger, which is ours and, on many occasions, nobody else's. Realize that when your discomfort increases, the tension in the classroom is greater. This can be a nice exercise in self-awareness.

2. Once we know when we can lose patience, anticipate that to happen and do some exercises that help me find calm again: count to ten, take diaphragmatic breaths, drink water, put a candy in your mouth, leave the classroom for a few minutes and ask a classmate to cover us ... Find your alternative to that loss of patience.

3. Communicate our anger to our students, share it with them and tell them why. Be careful because they are not the culprits. Our students do things, and I as a teacher decide how it affects me, I repeat that it is legitimate to get angry.

4. Share with colleagues what has happenedThey will surely understand you and if you ask them for advice, they can give you their little tricks.

5. Apologize if we have offended or our performance has not been the most appropriate. This way, our students will understand that we also make mistakes and that we know how to recognize our mistakes.

Dear teacher, dear teacher and dear teacher, always remember the words of Albert Einstein: “the example is not the best way to teach, it is the only way”.

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