Association of Mothers and Fathers of Students: to enter the AMPA or not

The Association of Mothers and Fathers of Students is a group that voluntarily decide to join together to achieve certain goals and objectives in favor of the educational community. Belonging to the AMPA or any parent association in a school is voluntary and you only have to pay an annual fee and attend the meetings. We tell you the advantages and disadvantages of being part of this association.

- You will know first-hand what the budget of your educational center is spent on. They will detail what each economic item is intended for.

- You will be able to contribute ideas to start new projects or activities for the students.

- You will have more contact with the rest of the fathers, mothers, teachers and the Board of the center.

- You will discover how the school or institute works.

- You will feel more involved in the fight to improve your children's education.

- It will take part of your time.

- You must allocate a small annual fee to this.

- You will discover things about the internal organization that you may not agree with.

- Discrepancies will appear with other members of the Association of Parents of Students.

- You will hear complaints about things that you had not even considered.

- The AMPA makes management reports.

- Appoint a Board of Directors.

- Asks members questions.

- Promotes talks and seminars.

- It encourages cultural visits and excursions outside the school.

- Organize solidarity markets.

- Normally they form part of the School Council, the highest representative body of the center, where decisions and guidelines are made that mark the course of schools.

- They collaborate in different educational projects aimed at both parents and students.

- Some AMPAs manage extracurricular activities, the dining room service and the sale of textbooks.

- They collaborate by acquiring equipment and material.

- They meet at least every three months.

All these actions revert to the well-being of our children so we must thank the mothers and fathers behind it. Do you dare to participate in the association for parents of your educational center?

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