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Children's stories are a good tool to teach and instill values ​​in children's education. This story by La Cigueña María tells us about values ​​such as humility and gratitude for life. Read this story to your child and then you can do a reading comprehension. We hope you like it.

Once upon a time there was a young but brave stork who despite her youth ventured to undertake a long journey and fulfill her first task, to carry a beautiful girl into her mother's arms.

He prepared everything for such a daring adventure, and one morning he began a long journey from the warm south winds to the cold of the Russian steppes. He lived all kinds of adventures, storms, snows and even a fierce attack from an eagle surprised him, which, confused, did not understand the beautiful work that the young stork had started.

In spite of everything, and already badly injured and shivering with cold, she saw the icy waters of the Volga River, and in a vertiginous descent, she placed the girl in the sweet lap of a bassinet that despite her humility, would be a warm place to rock her and leave her to the care of his mother.

After a short rest, and feeling in a strange land, he undertook the long journey back to his home, an old tower where his family awaited him in a beautiful nest, which he would feel proud of despite his tender youth, having finished successfully the beautiful work for which the storks had been created.

Thus, repeatedly, he would meet other trips to remote parts of the world where mothers and fathers awaited the desired arrival of their babies. She was proud of the task that nature had given her, although with sadness she sometimes listened to the old stories that more experienced storks told of babies who were not always happy in the places where they had so eagerly left them.

In the small village of the steppe, and in her wooden bed was our beautiful Tania. It had been a long time since our friend the stork María brought her, but her eyes were sad and, together with the cold, she began to realize that she did not have a good mother. Several years passed and his life did not change. She was abandoned most days and only her old neighbor Ivana, out of pity, gave her some affection and pampering, as well as the little food that fed her fragile little body.

One day, believing that there was milk in a glass, he drank it, but the glass contained paint, and Tania's small body fell ill. Luckily he was cured. And so that she was no longer alone, they took her to an orphanage where they would take care of her along with other children who did not have their mothers and fathers. There she had her first friends, and sometimes she began to laugh, but what she wanted was to have a mother and father.

When she was four years old, a family who wanted to have a daughter came to see her. After playing with them she kissed them and, for the first time, her little pink lips said the beautiful words daddy and mommy. One day she left the orphanage radiant and after a long trip, just like the one that the stork Maria did in her day, she was happy in a beautiful house, full of dolls, toys, and the love of her father and mother.

The smile on her little face and the joy in her eyes expressed her happiness to everyone. She no longer felt cold, and the southern sun caressed her, the flowers laughed with happiness as she passed, and all the animals in the park sang songs of love and happiness. Tania would no longer cry of loneliness. One day something wonderful happened. Tania was walking with her parents through the forest and she met the old stork Maria.

He called her and told her to take her back on her wings and, since she already knows her parents, to see if she could put her inside her mother's womb, have her father caress her, and so she would be a baby again, she would have the sweet milk of his father's breast, he would grow up, and he would live in the world of happiness that all children are entitled to. The stork Maria, surprised, listened attentively to her.

And after thinking for a moment he said: "Look Tania, God wrote your destiny, what your life will be, and for that he used a passionate young stork, a long and crazy trip, a mother and father who since the distance they looked for you, and so in their infinite love.

He raised your home with caresses and rose perfumes forever, and God is happy only that at night he thanks them for life and one minute of the day you remember his eternal love. "


This story has been submitted by Miguel Angel Anguita Raigón (Spain)

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