First aid to children

First aid to children

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The first aid they are the emergency measures that are applied when a person has suffered an accident or a sudden illness, until that person can receive direct and adequate medical attention. In the event of accidents or an emergency situation, parents must be prepared to confront and act safely to solve the child's problem.

To mitigate the effects of an accident in children, the first thing is not to be overwhelmed and try to heal the problem in the best possible way so that the child does not suffer. If the parents remain calm, the child will feel more secure.

Trauma, burns, wounds, poisoning, bumps, falls, scrapes, scratches, cuts, fractures, fever, suffocation, choking and animal bites are just a few of the many accidents that occur with children. They will be minor cuts and / or bruises, and even more urgent cases.

- Seek to save the child's life

- Prevent subsequent injuries

- Keep calm and call a doctor

- Accommodate the injured person and move them as little as possible

- Examine the person very carefully

- Reassure the victim.

- Leave the victim alone

- Touch the injured area without protection

- Move the victim unnecessarily

- overwhelm the victim with a thousand questions

- Accommodate bones in case of fracture

- Stop treating a hemorrhage

- Do not supply any type of medicine or food, or liquids.

It is necessary to know some basic first aid techniques to know how to act calmly, quickly, and effectively, in situations such as those that we relate in these issues.

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Stitches. Children often get hurt. Most are superficial scratches or cuts on the skin that only need local treatment. On the other hand, when the cut is greater or deeper, the edges of the skin are separated and it is necessary to give stitches to achieve the closure of the skin by bringing the two sides closer.

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