Socks or booties for babies: arguments for and against

When we prepare the baby's basket, in addition to pajamas, bodysuits, T-shirts, suits or blankets, we take care that the old booties or small socks are not missing.

Babies, especially newborns, need to maintain body heat as they experience considerable heat loss as soon as they are born. At we analyze whether socks and booties for babies are the most recommended or have any contraindications.

They are so cute and cuddly that it's hard to resist buying baby booties. They are usually made of crochet and include a bow or motif. Socks are also made of cotton, with lace, knitted ... There are even many moms and grandmothers who decide to knit them for their babies. They are a garment that completes the little one's outfit and has been used for years to keep babies' feet warm.

If you ask mothers, they will tell you that it is absolutely essential. Babies' little feet tend to get cold easily, even in hot weather, and it's a great way to cover them. However, some voices are raised when warning about the use of these garments because they can prevent the proper development of the newborn's feet. Who has the reason?

- Beyond the service they do, we want our baby to look very cute and this garment is perfect for complete the baby outfit.

- Moving on to more practical arguments, it is a garment that helps regulate the baby's temperature and keeps feet warm. Most of the baby's body heat escapes through the head and feet, so we must keep these areas protected.

- They are perfect to protect the delicate skin of the baby from the sunburn.

- Being comfortable and warm helps them rest better and to be less irritable.

- We should not get carried away by the fact that the feet are cold when touched since it is very common for them to have their hands and feet at a lower temperature due to the immaturity of the circulatory system, the blood does not have enough force to reach the extremities. Even if they are hot, their extremities will be colder.

- Pediatricians recommend that babies be with barefootThis is because in this way they can move their toes freely that they will not be caught and held under a layer of clothing.

- There are numerous studies on the advantages of leaving the baby barefoot to favor the baby foot development. Therefore, experts recommend that the baby does not wear booties, socks, and much less shoes if he still does not walk for as long as possible.

- If the socks are too tight you can prevent proper circulation and cause a condition called shoe-line hyperpigmentation, which is nothing more than that little scar that appears from wearing too tight socks.

In conclusion, what is more suitable for the baby is to put the foot in the air as long as possible and only put on booties or socks when the weather advises it. In this case, we will always choose loose clothing that does not prevent you from moving your fingers inside or leaving marks on your skin.

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