How to teach children that what they learn today will serve them tomorrow

Our work as educators of our sons and daughters has a fundamental role. I believe that on many occasions we forget, both parents and teachers. And it is at home, the first socialization space, where they will learn the values, the rules of courtesy, certain social skills, etc.

Sometimes, mothers and fathers, it generates some frustration when we want to instill something in our children, which we know will be good for their future, and there is no way that they will learn it or do it. So we can teach our children that what they learn today will help them tomorrow.

Parents must bear in mind that sometimes we want them to learn to practice a sport, because we consider them good, or we would like them to go to music classes, because we always liked it, but in reality they are not interested.

Well, here we must be consistent and work on what is really important for them to learn and do, forgetting about our childhood leisure or what we always wanted to do when we were little and could not and therefore we want our children to do it.

Communication and example are one of the most powerful tools that parents can offer our children. On the other hand, fostering a secure attachment and a union of trust and mutual respect will give us great power when it comes to transmitting values. If I have managed to get my daughter or son to trust me, as I have in him or her, I have also managed to have admiration, but mutual admiration, then, As a coherent adult, it will be easier for me to tell her that it is more appropriate for her to do what corresponds, whether it be studying, learning to be orderly or taking care of friends, and that, although you do not understand it now, it will serve you in the future.

Here are some tips and suggestions for you to keep in mind:

- Offer real and quality examples: Let him see the effort you make to achieve something and your satisfaction in the reward. Tell him what it cost you to get some studies, join a music group or learn to draw well. Let him know the effort you make to take care of your diet and lead a healthy life.

- Talk to your children How small or small, your parents sometimes told you what to do, and in the long run you understood.

- The anecdotes, stories and tales of when we were little they loveSurely we can search our repertoire for one that will help you with this issue. I, for example, thank my mother for teaching me to eat fruit, sometimes even forcing me, as I grew up I began to understand its importance. My daughter loves when I tell her the story of everything my mother “made up” for me to eat fruit.

- What we are today has a lot to do with what we did yesterday, and so on every day. If yesterday I was not responsible for taking care of my rest, it is very likely that today I am more tired and that has consequences, and like that, many more examples that I can share with my children. They are examples of the day to day that help us in personal growth, in responsibility and in caring for and respecting oneself. Do not fall into punishment or sanction, from this example I get an apprenticeship.

- The anecdotes about themselves also help them a lot. We can tell them examples of situations they did not want to access and make them more aware of how well it has been for them. For example, when on occasion they were frustrated in their falls with the skates and in the beginning with the bicycle, and their effort and perseverance plus the support of mom and dad have made them autonomous today in this activity.

The work of educating is tremendously beautiful and fascinating, but nobody said it was easy. Being aware, every day, of the influence we have on our sons and daughters is necessary.

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