The greedy goblin. Fairy tale for children

The greedy goblin is a fairy tale that transmits important values ​​to children. Among other things, he talks about the importance of not being greedy or greedy for the problems that can lead to. offers you this fantastic tale, which stars a little goblin blinded by greed. What will happen to him?

Tin was a very mischievous goblin who lived in a small house in the country. Nearby was a fountain by the road that led to the city. Tin was very fond of scaring the travelers who passed by and stopped to drink water from that fountain.

It occurred to Tin that instead of scaring them, I could ask them for something in exchange for drinking water from the fountain. That way he wouldn't have to work to eat. And that's what he did. When someone stopped to drink water, Tin would come out from behind the fountain, stand in front of the spout and ask for something to eat in exchange for letting him drink. The people who stopped were usually very thirsty so they agreed without arguing to the goblin's requests.

Little by little Tin realized that he could ask for money instead of food. So each time someone stopped to drink, Tin would ask for a silver coin in exchange for letting him get water from the fountain.

One very hot day, a family with two small children stopped at the fountain who had not drunk for hours, but had no money to pay Tin.

- If you don't have a silver coin, you won't be able to drink from this fountain! - The goblin said with a firm voice.

- I'll come back and pay you double, but let my children drink some water - said the father of the children.

- Okay, but you will have to leave me one of them until you come back, 'said Tin. So I will know that you are really going to pay me, that I do not trust you.

The father left the eldest of the brothers with Tin and left.

When the father returned with the two coins, Tin went to deliver the boy and tripped over a huge stone. He hit his head so hard he could barely move.

- Help me, please! I can not move!

"Okay," said the father, "but you'll have to pay me three pieces of silver to take you home."

- But I have nothing but two coins - said the goblin - Take me home and I'll give you the missing one.

- And what guarantee do I have that you will keep your word? - said the father - I'm sorry, but if you don't pay me I'll have to go.

"Wait, wait," the goblin insisted. Here, the key to my house. So you will know that I will pay you.

The father and his son took the goblin home and they were about to leave when the goblin asked them to stay.

- One moment. You can't leave me here on the ground. Help me get inside, I'll give you more coins, I promise. I have a whole bag.

The father and son put him inside, treated his wounds, and made him some dinner.

- Here you have. Your money. I am a goblin of my word.

- You do not understand. We don't want your money, 'said the father. If you want to thank what we have done for you let the people on the road drink water with peace of mind. The source is not yours, but everyone's. If everyone was as greedy as you you would still be lying on the road asking for someone to help pick you up. You can't be like that.

Tin realized that he was right and He decided that from that moment on he was going to change.

He stopped charging people to drink water from the spring and bought food with the money he had earned so that he could offer something to people who arrived tired and hungry. He did not ask for money in return but was very surprised to see that most always gave him some coin.

Tin's food stall became a highly visited place and allowed him to become someone loved by others.

Story written and sent by Eva María Rodríguez - Collaborator

1. What did Tin do to travelers passing by a fountain?

2. What did Tin ask the travelers in exchange for water?

3. What did Tin do to a family that had no money to pay for water?

4. What lesson did the father teach Tin?

5. Did you like this story? What have you learned from this story?

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