Why Mosquitoes Prefer to Bite Pregnant Women

Why Mosquitoes Prefer to Bite Pregnant Women

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There is no doubt that mosquitoes They tend to bite one person more than another, that is, these small insects also have their preferences when it comes to feeding. Especially the females that, according to scientists, are the ones that feed more on human blood.

In addition, there are studies that reveal that mosquitoes prefer to bite women, because they are attracted to estrogens. Is that why pregnant women can't get rid of these little critters? What torture!

According Joseph conlon, entomologist and technical advisor to American Mosquito Control Association, some people are more attractive to mosquitoes than others due to many factors, including skin color, body odor, age, health, etc. If to that we add that women, during pregnancy, experience a true hormonal revolution, that explains why they represent a great delicacy for mosquitoes.

While male mosquitoes prefer to feed on nectar and sap, female mosquitoes need protein and iron from human blood for the proper development of their eggs. And what blood attracts them the most? According to Japanese researchers, mosquitoes have a strange preference for type O blood. Their second blood type is group B. They also found that they have a preference for people who emit more carbon dioxide. And that is the case of pregnant women.

During pregnancy, women attract twice as many mosquitoes as non-pregnant women, not just because of hormones. Pregnant women inhale more carbon dioxide and have higher body temperatures and blood volume. When you sweat, more lactic acid is emitted, a very attractive substance to mosquitoes, easy to detect from meters away.

Considering that mosquito bites, as well as other insects, can cause infections during pregnancy, that could be a good and sufficient reason for the pregnant woman to protect herself against them. It is best to use a repellent. There are different types of repellants:

- Pediatric repellents. Effective and with little skin absorption.

- Insect repellants with diethyltoluamide (DEET). More effective but with a high degree of skin absorption (which produces a certain degree of toxicity). It is recommended not to apply it directly to the skin, but to socks, shoes, clothing, etc., and with gloves.

- Repellents based on citronella oil. It is of low toxicity, high tolerance and pleasant odor. The only downside is that it has no long-lasting effect. They must be constantly renewed.

- Other natural repellants: eucalyptus citriodora and mosquito nets. Also the use of antiseptic soaps and some perfumes.

Apart from all these measures, it is also important that pregnant women avoid being in a swampy, humid environment, especially at dusk and at night, and in hot weather, turning on the air conditioning. It is indicated that they wear sleeves, as well as long pants.

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