Why does it hurt children to grow up

Why does it hurt children to grow up

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Some children, especially those of school age, often complain that the muscles in their legs - thighs, calves and knees - ache, usually in the afternoon or at nightfall. These discomforts usually appear and disappear and, sometimes, cause some anxiety to the parents, since they cannot identify the cause of this pain.

There are children who feel these pains on a recurring basis and parents do not always know if these pains are due to muscle overexertion, some non-visible injury or blow, or accumulated fatigue of the day.

Pediatricians generally say that these are growing pains, which would not correspond to any illness or injury, but to a common pain in children who are growing. It seems that these pains are more frequent in boys than in girls and the age ranges range from 4 to 13 years in boys and from 5 to 11 years in girls.

The symptoms of growing pains are that the child has sudden pain in the lower limbs (and sometimes also in the arms) that appear more frequently at the end of the day and usually subside with rest. It would be bone pain, which affects both extremities, caused by the growth of the bones and the stretching of the muscles, blood vessels and nerve endings.

Although they can be intense, they are also diffuse because they do not have a specific place in which they appear. They are not accompanied by other external manifestations such as swelling, congestion or fever. It is therefore a benign condition that subsides with rest, heat, massage or some mild analgesic.

In any case, it is advisable to consult your pediatrician and pay more attention when we suspect that these pains are due to rheumatic pains (when the pain is permanent, when they do not occur in both extremities) or are accompanied by swelling, heat or redness.

Likewise, it is convenient to clarify that back pain, also frequent in children, is not due to discomfort due to growth, but rather to bad posture habits or overexertion.

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