Essential foods against fluid retention after childbirth

If you just had a baby, the most normal is that you feel bloated. This is due to fluid retention and is one of the most common discomforts after delivery.

But we can improve this situation and fight against edema or fluid retention through food. How? Here you will find a list with some essential foods against fluid retention after childbirth.

Edema or swelling after childbirth is quite common, and it is due to different causes. According to our expert nutritionist, Paola Andrea Coser, it may be due to:

- Hormonal changes that occur postpartum.

- The little activity carried out by the pregnant woman in recent weeks.

- Weight gain during pregnancy, since it makes the blood circulate more slowly and retain more fluids in the legs, ankles and feet.

Evidently, food plays a very important role in this case. Some foods promote fluid retention, while others are excellent allies to fight bloating. In order not to suffer too much from fluid retention, you should pay attention to these tips:

1. Increase water consumption, natural broths, infusions ... The best infusions to combat edema are boldo, green tea and ginger infusion. You can also add lemon, orange, or cucumber slices to the water.

2. Try the fruit water in compote, but without added sugar and gelatins, which provide a lot of hydration but without adding too much sugar.

3. Don't forget to do an adequate consumption of fruits and vegetables, source of fiber and excellent allies against fluid retention.

4. Potassium rich foods, such as potato or sweet potato, sweet potato, yucca, kiwi, grape, plum, medlar, legumes, nuts and banana. Why? Because they regulate sodium in the body and allow less fluid retention.

5. Watch your salt intake. Excessive salt intake causes sodium levels in the body to skyrocket and increases fluid retention. To control it, it is better that you cook the food without salt and then add a little once the food is already cooked on the plate. The salt must also continue to be iodized.

6. Avoid processed products, such as cold cuts, cookies and sauces. Most of these products are high in salt and sugar, something that does not benefit you at all when it comes to fighting fluid retention.

Ideally, you should take care of yourself during pregnancy. It would be helpful not to gain more than 9-12 kilos during pregnancy. But everything has a solution, and in addition to taking care of your diet, you can help yourself with some gentle exercise. For example, you can walk every day. It will also be of great help:

- Put your feet up.

- Use comprehension means.

- Give you draining massages with the help of the shower to help improve circulation.

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