A video that shows how to get your baby used to eating everything

The palate is exercised. And taste. I am convinced that it is a sense that adapts and changes, that gets used to it. Your child may not like the first encounter with a lemon or celery. The novelty sometimes scares. But in the end, taste ends up getting used to it. Or not?

Therefore, the best way to make children become an adult who eats everything and knows how to appreciate the different flavors of food, is giving them to try everything.

By the way, you will be helping him to go from breast milk to a new diet where he will have to chew. A new world awaits you with hundreds of flavors yet to be explored. Help him do it.

First rule of thumb: If you want your child to eat everything, let him try everything. From a carrot to a grapefruit. Second rule of thumb: if you want your child to enjoy what he eats, let him get dirty. Yes, let him hold it in his hand, suck it, explore its texture, smell and of course, taste.

Then you will have your preferences, of course, but you can never say about something that you did not try. In fact, maybe now you hate beans and maybe in a few years you will be passionate about them. Over time it will change. You will get used to the taste. You will discover nuances that it turns out that you do like them.

A mother has made a very useful video for the rest of the parents. In it, he explains how he was introducing solid foods into his daughter's diet. According to her, it's a matter of letting them experience: play with colors, textures, smells and of course, flavors. Thus, he was offering him food from four and a half months to nine months.

She started with purees, to move on to greens like broccoli or carrots when she was five months old. At six months old, he had already tried pasta. And at seven, tangerines and oranges. The truth is that it is a pleasure to see how this baby enjoys each of the foods that you give him. Play with them, without fear of getting dirty. In the end, for her it is a game. Have fun. Here is the video, just two minutes. No further explanation is needed.

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